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Ultima 7 Complete Edition $2.09 (75% off) at GOG.com (Other Ultima Games as Well)


Ultima 7 Complete Edition (Ultima 7 part 1 and 2, and expansions) - $2.09
Also other Ultima games if anyone cares about those.
Ultima 1+2+3 - $2.09
Ultima 4 - Free
Ultima 4+5+6 - $2.09
Ultima Underworld 1&2 - $2.09
Ultima 8 - $2.09
Ultima 9 - $2.09

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    I remember trying to install Ultima 8 on a 40MB HDD from about 8 floppies. Tried compressing with double space (?) But still couldn't get it to work. Think I'll grab it for the install nostalgia.

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    I think I might take a trip down memory lane. Thanks, OP.

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    God I loved these games (Ultima 7 particularly). 8 was kinda cool except for the clunky UI . 9 was complete arse, but I still forced myself to buy the Dragon Edition and slog through it, bugs and all, just to complete the trilogy. But yeah, The Black Gate and The Serpent Isle are still amongst my absolute favourites.

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    I bought about $30 worth of games on GOG today.

    I'm one of those people who just like having a big GOG library. That and I'll buy anything I remember seeing in the stores as a kid that I never got to buy or play.

    • Good on you. Generally I purchase just oldies from Gog, when they are at least 65% off on sale. The probably is that I have almost caught up; only a small number of older titles are released every year now on GoG. (Swat 4, the older Close Combat games, Fallout 3 are some on my price drop waitlist).

  • Ultima 6, 7 and Underworld were all groundbreaking games. In terms of stats, magic and combat mechanics, Ultima 7 was simplistic (compare to the Wizardry games or Morrowind for instance), but it was the first PC game to actually feel alive, like you were taking part in an adventure in a real place with real people, doing meaningful things. To pull this off it required high end (for the time) hardware, and tweaking the DOS startup files (Config.sys & autoexec.bat) to use Himem, load drivers above 640 kb Ram. If you were really good you could even squeeze in a small SmartDrive Cache which sped up loading considerably.

    There is an Enhanced engine for Ultima 7 called Exult: http://exult.sourceforge.net/download.php?nowrap
    It requires the resources from Gog's Ultima 7.

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