expired [Rockstar Games/PC] Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) AU $17.79 ($17.25 with 3% off FB Code) @ CD Keys


Cheapest so far.

The top 3 reasons to play GTA 5

  • Play as 3 different unlikely allies: an insane psychopath, a getaway driver, or a retired bank robber— each with their own strengths and abilities
  • Los Santos and beyond is at your fingertips in this huge open world playground.
  • Build your reputation as a criminal mastermind, pull of dangerous heists, and take on missions that involve characters from Hollywood to the U.S. Government.

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    Great price but note this key will not work on Steam, only Rockstar Games Social Club.

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    If you have any interest in online I recommend paying the little bit extra for the Premium Online Edition (provided as 2 separate keys, GTA V + Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack)

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/grand-theft-auto-v-premiu... (currently out of keys, will be added to your profile when they restock)

    AU$20.93 or AU$18.83 for monthly bundle subscribers.
    (you get AU$0.95 back to your Humble wallet so technically you're only paying AU$19.98 or AU$17.88 for monthly bundle subscribers)

    CD Keys is grey market. All their deals happen after other stores have sales. No doubt they bought a bunch of Premium Online Edition from Humble and are now selling the 2 keys separately for a profit.

    Even if you're not interested in online you could just be an (profanity) and sell the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack to some poor shmuck (like CD Keys is doing) on a grey market site like G2A and after all the fees you'd be left with over $20 to spend on something else while keeping the base game to yourself.

    CD Keys is basically Broden. Is that a valid reason for a neg?


      Well you have brought up a fantastic couple of points, but I don't think it is valid neg. I won't be playing this game online ever, so is it worth getting the Humble Versiom still just to avoid giving cash to CDKeys?


        I personally would pay the little bit extra. You could probably even find someone willing to do a fair split on the bundle and that way you both get a better deal.

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      Cdkeys are fine. If you have a philosophical position against arbitrage type practices (purchase of legit keys in one market to sell for profit in another) then by all means do your shopping elsewhere, but ozbargain is about the pursuit of the ultimate deal. Such grandstanding has no place here.

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        I would consider it a "Major issue with retailer" when their whole business model is based around screwing over the consumer.

        Usually they at least wait until after the sales end on other sites before running their deals, but this time they are doing it while the better deal is still being sold.

        ozbargain is about the pursuit of the ultimate deal.

        Pursuit over. You can find the link to the ultimate deal in my previous comment.


        Wrong, this site does have limitations on obtaining the 'ultimate deal', otherwise this would be a link to torrents and stolen goods.


          @Kamoi. Take the pitchforks and torches elsewhere. Don't purchase from them if you're not so inclined. Your "currently out of keys" option is certainly a marvelous deal but negging someone for posting a cheaper in-stock copy is inappropriate.

          @FabMan. Well that's more than a little silly. No one's suggesting that criminal activity constitutes a 'deal'.


            @soothslayer: Are CD-Keys authorized to resell keys? If they did buy and then split Humble Bundle keys, they are breaking Terms of Conditions of purchase, I don't know if CD-Keys are doing that of course. However, that practice is something you state people are grandstanding by bringing to the attention of other people, which I think is perfectly valid and good action to do, but I don't agree with the neg though. On a similar topic, I don't think OzBargain should show the ultra low cost Windows CD-Keys you can find from shady businesses selling keys taken from the side of computers, the keys will work, but I don't think pushing for that Ultimate Deal should be allowed here either.

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              I don't know if CD-Keys are doing that of course.

              A game listed on Steam for $24 is selling at CDKeys for $18. That's not sufficient grounds for making unfounded slanderous accusations, especially when it's been selling at $20 on both XB1 and PS4 from local retailers these past few weeks.


    Hackers have stole my last two Gta games through social club, support does nothing

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