Getting My First Console (PS4) Today. What Next?

I am going to walk in to JB Hifi today to get my first console in my life (38 years old), PS4. I have $60 gift card I need to use.
I need advice on very basic stuff, what additional I will need in the near future:

  1. It comes with 1 controller, I definetely need another one. Should I buy a dual shock controller instead? (and this dual shock controller is not a standard controller?)

  2. 99% I will not play online. So what is Playstation Plus? Without Playstation Plus, would the it still be fun?

  3. I am going to go through the games in the next couple days, what is average price to be considered good prices for games?

Thanks everyone,



    PS Plus is only fun if you playing newly release games online. Make sure you need a good internet connection too.
    Just as anything, average price for game all depend on how desperate you are. You want your new iphone now or year time?

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    99% I will not play online. So what is Playstation Plus? Without Playstation Plus, would the it still be fun?

    I remember saying something similar when I was buying a console last year.

    Most of my time has been spent playing with mates online for a laugh (Sea of Thieves, PUBG, BO4).

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    1.It comes with 1 controller, I definetely need another one. Should I buy a dual shock controller instead? (and this dual shock controller is not a standard controller?)

    It comes with a dual shock controller, and yes get another one they are the best, unless you just get a wired cheap one, i still think they vibrate

    2.99% I will not play online. So what is Playstation Plus? Without Playstation Plus, would the it still be fun?

    You get 2 PS4 games a month free with PS Plus, and the last few months we have got good games, so I think its worth it for the games over a year sub

    3.I am going to go through the games in the next couple days, what is average price to be considered good prices for games?

    New release good price = $69
    Any game under $50 is a good price

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    Just bear in mind, most of your games will receive update files and they can update while the PS4 is in 'rest mode' if you have PS+. If you don't, the PS4 needs to be turned on to download the updates. Food for thought.

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      This isn't true. My PS4 downloads updates while in rest mode and I've only ever used a PS+ trial.

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    Hi Edsanwong,

    Better late than never mate :)

    I am going to go through the games in the next couple days, what is average price to be considered good prices for games?

    Going through the games is an important step. What sort of games do you like? Shooters? RPGs? Fighting games? Story driven/cinematic experiences?

    The PS4 is a great console with a wide variety of games, and I don't like the Xbox One, but I suggest you have a look at what games are exclusive to each console.
    You might like Halo or something which is only on the Xbox One. Just something worth considering. I'll mention the Nintendo Switch shortly as you talked about local multiplayer (2 controllers).

    Generally, there are some excellent games/collections pretty cheap. Bioshock Collection is a masterpiece (well, 1 and 3 are). Persona 5 is a great single player story-driven game. Crash Bandicoot N-sane is a lot of fun. Something like samurai warriors (I saw this on gumtree for $10 a few days ago) or Dynasty Warriors is great for multiplayer.

    99% I will not play online. So what is Playstation Plus? Without Playstation Plus, would the it still be fun?

    You can totally enjoy the console without online services, especially single-player story-driven games.
    But these days, multiplayer (couch-coop and split-screen) isn't as prevalent as it used to be. Sure, there are a few games like Dynasty Warriors with good 2-play splitscreen, but have you looked into the Nintendo Switch before? It's got a lot of more casual games, and is a lot better for local multiplayer (you mentioned buying more than 1 controller). You'd get games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Smash Brothers, etc.

    It comes with 1 controller, I definetely need another one. Should I buy a dual shock controller instead? (and this dual shock controller is not a standard controller?)

    Yeah, Dual Shock 4 (DS4) is the only controller. Do NOT buy any third party knock-offs for like $20 cheaper, they'll ruin the experience and break.


    I forgot to mention, the remakes of Resident Evil 5 and 6 are awesome for couch-coop.


      I am more into historic shooter game like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty with WW1 or 2 background. Also RPGs.
      I know, I know, a lot to catch up…..


        Keep an eye out for Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty World War 2. I've seen both for under $20 I believe. Battlefield 1 was on clearance for $10 at Target last I saw but may be sold out now.


      Love Nintendo games, especially Zelda, but hard to justify buying switch for Zelda only. Not now.
      Is Final Fantasy is still a popular game? lost count what version now


        Final Fantasy 15 is the latest game. I believe the old PS1 games are getting re-releases soon. At least on Switch and Xbox anyway. PlayStation probably as well

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    1. The dual shock controller is the main 1st party controller you can get. They usually go on sale for ~$50

    2. PS+ is good for "free" games (free in the sense you still have to pay for the subscription :P), you get to keep the free monthly games you purchase as long as you are subscribed, e.g. you collect a year of free games, your subscription lapses, you don't have access to those games, but if you subscribe again, you get access to those games again. They often have sales on the subscription, so if you're not in a rush/no games this month you're interested in, wait for the sales.

    3. If you haven't played many PS4 games, the PlayStation Hits games series are oldies but goodies for ~$20. New games though, you're looking at around ~$60-$70 at launch. But they can come down quite quickly, as seen with God of War and Spiderman came down to ~$30-$40.
      I also use this site: which shows the trend of prices of PS store games, and sends you emails if a game you're looking at goes on sale. Sometimes the digital version of a game can get ridiculously cheap.

    Have fun with your new console!


      Thank you for the response. I feel like I have more questions

      1. So, I can buy game in digital version? Do I own this or it works like the subcriptions you explain on point 2?

      If I buy digital versions, when I want to play I just download it to the PS4 and can delete to free up some space when I need it?

      The digital versions is not pirated version right?

      The digital versions, do I buy from Sony PlayStation or developer of the game (such as Ubisoft)?

      Geez, game console nowadays smarter than. I probably just put it on the TV Table, looks pretty and look at it as part of my furniture for the first few days.


        You get to keep the games you buy digitally and the only place to buy them is through the PS Store which comes on every PlayStation. There is no way (unless you hack your machine) to buy or download illegal or pirated copies of PS4 games on accident so you shouldn't worry about that.

        One more thing to note is that games on PS4 don't tend to just "insert and play" like consoles of old. You now have to insert and wait for a background download to finish before all the content of the game is completely installed on your hard drive. The only way to really check whether a game is completely installed is to listen to the sound your PS4 makes after you insert the disc. Once it stops making said noise, the game is fully installed and you can insert the next disc if you have multiple and plan on installing them all before playing.


        So the digital versions you buy will always be linked to your Sony PlayStation account. You own those games. As long as you didn't get it for free off PS+, you'll always be able to download it, even if you don't have a PS+ account So as long as you have access to your Sony PlayStation account, you can redownload and delete as much as you want. One thing to note is cloud save files are only available if you have PS+.

        As stated by Ninternet, it's very hard to "accidentally" buy pirated games online. And all the games are on the PS Store, not some third party vendor. Think of it like Steam but for your PlayStation.

        Also, if you're buying physical games from overseas, the PS4 itself is not region locked, but the DLC for those games is. So if you have an Australian/Europe Sony PlayStation account, you can play a physical PS4 game disk from the US, but the DLC from the Australian/Europe PS store for that game will not work with that US copy.


          Hmm, I just googled and read what DLC is. Not quite understand.
          But don't worry, I will learn slowly and ask again if you don't mind.

          So, can I set which country my PlayStation account? And any particular country would you recommend?


            @Edsanwong: DLC stands for DownLoadable Content. It's pretty much any extra content that does not come with the base game, such as extra items/costumes/missions etc.

            For ease/laziness I just used the AU store and I've been pretty happy with it. You might have to do some digging on if other country's PSN stores are better.


    Go to Big W or gumtree … Lot of game on cheap


    And Get a US PSN Account !! Better deals from states


    What next?

    End of your life as you know it now…..πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸš€


    Is there a training video on YouTube, like a tutorial on buying a console?

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    Here's my advice:
    Good games that you can find for cheap now are:
    Tearaway Unfolded
    Uncharted Trilogy
    Uncharted 4
    The Last of Us
    Ratchet and Clank
    Shadow of the Collosus
    Old sports titles

    PS Plus isn't worth your time or money if you don't intend to play online, plus it's worth noting that if you download Fortnite (free) you can play online without needing a subscription on PlayStation if you ever need to scratch that online curiosity itch.

    This should get you through a good chunk of time with the new system without going overboard on price.

    Another tip (although somewhat morally questionable depending on who you ask or where you stand) is to check Cash Converters stores somewhat regularly. I've picked up plenty of PS4/XB1 games over the last year or so for $5-$20.

    If this is your first time really trying video games in general, don't be afraid to put the games on easy mode. It's for your own enjoyment first and foremost rather than to flex for imaginary gamer friends or whatever. Uncharted and especially Last of Us can be quite challenging until you get the hang of mechanics.


      Yup, from the comment I gathered, I don't think I am willing to pay for PS Plus.

      Will try all the game recommended here.

      Do you have any recommendation for kids under 7 years old?


        Definitely Tearaway Unfolded. [1 player]

        Also look for:
        Minecraft [1-4 Players]
        Little Big Planet 3 [1-4 Players]
        Yooka Laylee [1 player]
        Fortnite [1 player] (if you're okay with them playing online and good at managing their time spent playing)
        Redout [1-2 players] (it's a high speed racing game much like the old star Wars game on N64 I remember playing around that age. Should be $9 if you can find it at EB Games.)
        FIFA/NBA games [1-4 players]
        Spyro Reignited Trilogy [1 player]
        Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy [1 Player]
        De Blob 1 + 2 [1 player, + 1-2 Players]
        Legend of Kay Anniversary [1 player]
        Super Bomberman R [1-4 players]
        Any Lego Game [1-2 players] (e.g. Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, Harry Potter Collection, Jurassic World, Lego City Undercover) I highly recommend the last one, especially if you plan to play alongside them. Lots of references to old cop shows and stuff like that that's quite funny even for an older audience.
        Puyo Puyo Tetris [1-4 players] (if they like those sorts of things)
        Human Fall Flat [1-2 players] (digital only)
        Snake Pass [1 player] (digital only)

        That's a big list, but might be worth watching some YouTube videos on each of them to see which ones appeal most to you/the kid. Also besides Redout I'm not 100% sure which games are available for cheap at the moment. Hope you can figure some of it out :)

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    The Uncharted Trilogy pack will be excellent value for money, and will give you three excellent games. This is a must own.


    Do you have a partner/friend that'll play with you? If so, buy the game Overcooked and play local >:D


      I initially thought (until 2 days ago), games nowadays are still like Mario/Luigi, or Contra, when two players can play together or take turn. I guess nowadays games (the story like God of War etc) are for a single player. Now I understand why only 1 controller.

      Thank you for the recommendation.

      My plan to play together with my wife (kids are not ready yet)


    Life of no money.

    My kids ate forever needing upgrades or dlc and packs etc. It never ends.

    Gone are the days when a $100 game was enough.


    Buy Fifa and rage quit on randoms online.

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    Congrats on joining the gaming world, excellent choice on the Playstation!


    • Not all games have offline multiplayer (split-screen), so wait until you discover some games before you buy the 2nd DualShock controller
    • Don't purchase PS Plus subscription for online multiplayer unless it is absolutely worth it for a game (e.g. Star Wars Battlefront II)
    • Not all games will have a multiplayer mode, you'll find plenty of amazingly immersive single-player experiences on PS4
    • PS4 System Updates will take around 20-40min to download and install first time you plug it in

    Now, to the games. Brand new game releases will usually retail for $69.95, you shouldn't be paying any more than this for a new game unless it comes with heaps of extras on launch day. PS4 titles have the grace of falling in price real fast after release, some AAA titles released recently have already come down to sub $40.

    As a fellow backlog gamer who has years of games to catch up on, here are some not-to-be-missed game suggestions in order of recent releases:

    The above is just my top 10 list: get and play the older games first, by the time you get to the more recent games they'll be even cheaper than they are now.

    You've waited 38 years, hope the gaming scene does not disappoint! Feel free to ask any follow up questions if you have any.

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      Thanks for your post. Will try slowly, I probably will start with Call of Duty first.
      And thanks for your offer, at this stage I feel I have some many questions which been answered but creating further questions, so yeah really appreciate. Old brain vs tech here.

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      I think I will start with the cheapest one Shadow of Colossus and build up from there.

      What things that I need to be aware of when buying second hand games?


        Second hand games work pretty much as you'd expect:

        • You buy a used game for cheaper
        • It comes with the disc and whatever manuals/slips that were included by the previous owner.

        Putting in a 2nd hand game into your PS4 will work exactly the same as putting a brand new disc, just as long as there is no damage on the used disc, so if you can, be sure to check the quality of the disc + case before you buy if it is not new. All saved progress is only present on your console, nothing is ever written to the disc so you don't have to be worried about save data.

        The only thing you need to be careful of is Downloadable Content (DLC) or Expansion Packs that may have been included with the game when it was first purchased by the original owner. The game case may have a promotional sticker advertising "DLC included" or "Free 3 months of PS Plus included", etc. This is almost always just a slip of paper included in the game case with a One-Time-Use code that is to be redeemed online on the PS Store - which then allows you to download an install file which will get you the bonus or DLC for the game - and most likely the original owner has already redeemed it, so if you tried you would be given the error message "This Code has already been redeemed."

        Additional DLC included as part of a game's launch promotion, or even Game of the Year Editions which include all released DLC and Expansions for a game will never be on the game disc along with the main game (unless in very special circumstances, if a previous-generation game is remade / re-launched as part of a special edition on the PS4 which has the DLC available on the disc for free, e.g. Dark Souls Remastered which has the Artorias of the Abyss DLC as part of the disc software for free.), so exercise caution if you are buying such editions 2nd hand.


    warface? if you like FP shooting game? free online multiplayer.
    otherwise i will strongly recommend Uncharted series.


      Warframe I believe you meant

      Nope. I was wrong. Apparently there are 2 free online games called War Face and Warframe respectively. How confusing


    CeX has some cheap games to get you started, although maybe cheaper on Facebook or Gumtree

    Start with Fifa 15 for $1, usually games that sold well but people dont play now are the best, e.g. BloodBorne and Titanfall 2 for $10

    Nearly new stuff is sometimes over retail though!

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