Trading Cards Looking to Get Rid of Them - Suggestions?

Hello all,

So several years ago I got caught up with the trading card craze. As a result I got a mixed bunch of cards some complete sets and singles cards.

I have AFL Select (mid 90's), Star Trek (the card game), Star (card game) and some other randoms.

Using eBay, putting up the complete sets should be easy enough but the effort for the singles for such a small return probably isn't worth the time.

I might just find some card/comic book trading shops and offer the bunch but I what I am expecting and what I will get will be a massive difference.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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    Take the 20 most valuable and sell them individually online
    Sell the remainder in batches.

    Where you sell doesn't really matter but accept that what you are expecting and what you will get will be very different no matter where you sell. Honestly most trading cards are just useless scraps of paper once the craze dies down.

    How much are those Coles little shop toys selling for these days?

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      Sell the most valuable and chuck in a moderate or two.
      If they want the valuable card they will need to buy the additional moderate to go with it.


        Thanks for the advice.

        I came across some sites that have price listings, do you have any sites? So I can average out the price or take my chances on a auction?


      re the Coles little toys, how did that become a thing?!

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