Help Me Decide between Audio-Techica M50x or M60x

Hello there . Anyone out here owning a pair of Audio-Technica M50x or M60x that can point out good or bad things to help me decide which one to buy .

I can get M50x for around $200 or M60x will be on sale soon for $175 . Kind of prefer M50x since there's a lot positive reviews about them but M60x with same driver could be a good pick up as well .



  • Why not go for msr7?

  • have had the M50x for about 6 months, no complaints. just use it for watchign/listening to stuff from PC/phone though. and have not used the M60 so can't really compare

  • Isn't the m50x over ear and the m60x on ear?

    Personally on ear headphones drive me nuts. I have used M50/M50x headphones for years & only have one complaint, there is a plastic tab on the hinge that stops the ear cups from spreading too far, this has been the thing that has broken on both of the M50/x headphones I have owned. Mind you each one lasted years of heavy use but still, its a fault that shortened their life.

    That said no other headphone has lasted longer at the same price-point.