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Hi all,

Has anyone ever done a comparison between the Woolworths Everyday Money credit card, and the new Woolworths Everyday Rewards Qantas credit card?

I currently have the Everyday money credit card, but am trying to work out whether it's worth upgrading to the Qantas one. Basically, the Qantas credit card seems to give you more reward points, but you have to pay an $89 annual fee. We currently put around $40K-$50K on the credit card per year. Anyone ever done the sums to work out how much you need to spend to make the Qantas card worthwhile?

As an aside, the website really doesn't explain the cards very well. I've tried calling them as well, but can never seem to get anyone on the phone who is any help.

Any thoughts?

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  • Have you done the sums on what you gain compared to a CC with no annual fee, currency conversion fee, foreign fee or anything else?

    Sounds like you spend a lot in Australia so a rewards card might suit you, but I just thought I would mention it.

  • Really depends what youre spending on and what youre redeeming for

    earning and redeeming info is pasted below


    one Qantas Frequent Flyer point for every dollar you spend on most purchases

    redemptions https://www.awardstore.com.au/pages/Main.aspx

    For every dollar you spend on your Everyday MoneyTM credit card, you’ll earn:
    3 points for every dollar spent on Woolworths Select products purchased in-store at Woolworths or Safeway Supermarkets and Woolworths Everyday MobileTM products purchased in-store at Woolworths or Safeway Supermarkets, BIG W, Woolworths or Safeway Liquor and BWS.
    2 points for every dollar spent on products purchased at Woolworths or Safeway Supermarkets, BIG W, CALTEX WOOLWORTHS/SAFEWAY co-branded fuel outlets, epump, Woolworths/Safeway Liquor, BWS, Dan Murphy's, Thomas Dux, and participating Dick Smith and Tandy stores. (1)
    1 point for every dollar spent on other purchases.(1)
    From time to time, promotional points may also be offered, the details of which will be outlined in our promotional material.

    Some exclusions apply. (1)
    Points = shopping cards

    The Everyday MoneyTM credit card rewards you automatically once you have earned enough points. Every 4 months, if you have enough points, we’ll automatically convert them into an Everyday Money Shopping Card and have it sent to you(2). So, you can reward yourself with all sorts of things from DVDs, cosmetics, electronics and wine. Or you can even use it for groceries or petrol.

    Points Required Redemption Value
    3,448 (minimum) $20.00
    4,310 $25.00
    5,172 $30.00
    Each 862 points thereafter A further $5.00
    172,400 (maximum) $1,000.00

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    With the QFF awards (from the awadstore link in above post), you can generally redeem a $25 gift card for 3750 points (and BigW $25 gift card for 3500 points). With the everyday money, $20 for 3448 points.
    For easy math, you get an extra $5 for every $3500 you charge to your card assuming you get $20 for 3500 points on everydayMoney and $25 for 3500 points on the Qantas card (generally 1 point per spend).
    The Qantas card cost $40 more annual fee per year (whic would be 8x$5)
    So for a rough rule of thumb, if your annual spend is a lot greater than 8x$3500 = $28,000, the Qantas card would be better. If much less that $28,000, the Everyday Money card is better.

    First year free on everydayMoney (save $49) but you get 12,500 points for joining the Qantas one (about $80is worth ) which means in year one, the Qantas card is better with even a small annual spend but from year 2 onwards the above $28,000 per year spend would be the number to use to determine which card would suit you.

    Sorry for the long post…should have just put in into Excel…

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    When we were looking for cards, the fees on woolworths cards outweighed the value of rewards/savings.

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