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Lenovo ThinkPad E480 Notebook Intel Core i7-8550U Processor (8MB Cache, 1.8GHz) $983.20 Delivered from Lenovo via eBay


Product details
Product Identifiers
GTIN 0192076931590
BRAND Lenovo
MPN 20KN0006AU
UPC 0192076931590
eBay Product ID (ePID) 2283909654

Product Key Features
Memory 8 GB
Features Built-in Webcam, Bluetooth
Type Notebook/Laptop
Colour Black
Operating System Edition Home
Processor Type Intel Core i7 8th Gen.
Storage Type SSD (Solid State Drive)
Operating System Windows 10
SSD Capacity 256GB
Hard Drive Capacity 8 GB
Processor Speed 1.80 GHz
Hardware Connectivity USB-C, HDMI, USB 3.1
Most Suitable For Casual Computing
Graphics Processing Type Dedicated Graphics

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  • +1

    Quite a good deal. I still can't get over how laptop and computer prices are staying so high though.

    I bought an E480 for my wife 2 years ago, with i7 7500U, 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD, Nvidia 940mx or whatever that low powered card is, 1080p IPS monitor, and it was $940 delivered.

    Fast forward two years and aside from newer cpu series pretty much nothing has changed and they are still asking more money.

    • From finance point of view, 2 years ago a thousand dollars worth more than now.
      20 years ago, fuel only 50c per liter.
      2 years ago, wage probably less than what is now.
      20 years ago, wage probably not even half of now.
      Latest CPU, give you more efficiency and better electricity bills and warranty.

      Unfortunately it is the truth, and truth does hurt sometime.

      • The 7500U has lower energy requirements than the 8550U.

        And I did say aside from CPU.

        And your argument of inflation is pretty useless. 2 years of inflation means that my wife's computer equivalent cost today is $982 (and that's assuming a pretty generous inflation rate of 2.2% for the past 2 years). So exactly the same price. For less PC aside from the CPU. Also, according to Intel the CPUs have a $15 RRP difference.

        EDIT: Also the warranty point is pretty useless. My wife's PC had the same warranty this does.

        So I stand by my argument that computer costs, such as RAM and motherboards etc. are staying ridiculously high.

    • CPU is 4 core , 8 threads vs, the i7 7500u was 2/4

      • Yes, I'm aware. However in 2 years this is the only upgrade over my wife's PC (and she got twice as much RAM and a dedicated GPU, which arguably is worth more).

        What I mean is not the CPU but all the other parts.

  • Hard Drive Capacity 8 GB

    What a configuration!

    • I don't think there's a HDD lmao

      • Listing said 1TB HDD.

    • 256 ssd

  • I liked the laptop for the first few months until i realised how noisy it gets…
    The e480 has a particularly poor thermal management with a poorly designed heat output (downward facing) and an inadequate tiny little fan :S

  • Great deal for a note book. Thanks op

  • you sure?

    Hard Drive Capacity 8 GB

  • Also just think if you need an i7. I have a Dell XPS and went for “more power” that I don’t use and the battery life is not as good as an i5.

    If it just web-browsing and word processing, the i5 will do all that.

  • +3

    Looks like Lenovo took this and a bunch of other notebook listings down, most likely in response to the eBay 20% sale. Poor form Lenovo, thumbs down 👎

    • +2

      Yeah not out of stock at all, they've basically taken down almost every single laptop they had for sale. Ridiculous.

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