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[PC] Battlefield V Base Game $44.99, Deluxe $54.99 @ Origin


Long time reader first time poster so go easy on me, Had picked this up at launch for Xbox but didn't want to pay full price to play it on PC, Now it's already 50% off :D

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    Despite the hate, me and my mates are loving it. Easily second best of the series behind BC2 for me. Gun play is well done, maps are good. If it had better weapon customization it'd be better, but it's still bloody fun.


    Wonder why this game is flopping. A lot of reviewers are saying this is a decent battlefield game

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      Heavy emphasis by marketing to push a SJW agenda before release, and then they went after the people critical of their marketing technique by calling them uneducated sexists.


      Honestly when you counter criticism by virtue signalling your 13 year old daughter's feelings as being more important than the established accuracy of your franchise, you deserve the lack luster sales.

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      The game is great but incels couldn't handle having a woman on the cover.


        As EA found - it turns out when you respond to valid criticisms like that, you lose sales.

        Maybe it's best to not call your peers bad words because they have a disagreement with your product. Emotional responses to logical arguments by calling them names tends to make the name callers look a lot worse to objective outsiders.

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        Well no, besides a select few no cares if a woman was on the cover or not. The game was released in a half baked state with features as basic as practice range being tacked on way past its release date. Yet to receive combined arms and the fabled battle royale mode (slated to release sometime next year). Weapon customization currently is meh, TTK reduced and then increased and now is going to be reduced again and this really confuses any new player getting into the series. Yes the game is fun with friends who share the same interest, that can be said even for fallout 76. Despite the negative PR with historical quotes like "If you don't like don't buy it" and "my 13 yr old daughter asked me why can't i play as a female in battlefield V", the game had next to zero marketing compared to call of duty and fallout 76 that had advertisements even on public transport a good 1-2 months prior game release. Hell i didnt even know it was released till a battlefield V review popped up in my recommended while i was watching a youtube video.

        The forced agenda to put women in the spotlight by replacing the soldiers who took part in a sabotage mission with a single mum and her teenage daughter, the cringy first mission with the British soldier and the convict, just added more fuel to the fire. At its current state, this price is ok but if u want a bargain probably wait for the price to dip a bit more.


    Was looking to buy a copy, $45 sounds reasonable cheers


    Got it for $38 using an old 15% off code from Origin Support. Was surprised to see it stack with other discounts. Sadly it was single-use..

    Long story: While playing the BFV beta I wasn't able to connect, which turned out to be a bug caused by selecting certain Direct X settings. Used the Origin Support > Chat option, sorted out the problem, then they offered the 15% off code at the end of the support session.

    This probably doesn't help anyone, unless you want to try your luck just asking the support reps for a code.