AlphaRacks 10GB Shared Hosting ~ $0.70 (US $0.49) /Year


AlphaRacks shared hosting has been purposely designed for speed and reliability. If you are searching for a new cPanel hosting provider with better quality and better pricing to host your website, look no further! Make the right choice today.

10 GB Secure Disk Space
200 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Shared IP Address
1 Hosted Domain
cPanel Control Panel
Softaculous Auto-Installer
DDoS Protection Included
Instantly Activated

Part of their Holiday Specials

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    That's supercheap indeed, what's the catch?


    Does anyone know where the servers are located?


    I get their newsletters, more deals here:

    Edit: Oh I should read OP text before posting, I'll take the negs on the chin.


    I wonder if it supports external MySQL port 3306 anyone know?


    What is the price when you renew after a year?


    Very tempting at that price, but FWIW the reviews are not stellar ( Having said that, there are also a number of very positive reviews, so who knows. The shared address is a potential concern if you want to run an important site - for example there is the risk that one of the other clients who share that physical address might get banned by (say) google and then you'll have issues. Might be worth stumping up the US$7 per year (instead of $6.99/month) to get a dedicated address as well as unlimited domains, bandwidth, and 100GB storage…..

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    do not use AlphaRacks for anything, just another colocrossing scam business. same as woot hosting, NFP hosting, etc etc

    read lowendtalk and other sites (not lowendbox as negative reviews get deleted)

    here is what you will experience


      I've been using quadhost for a while now, and that gets bashed too, but it works kinda OK! I pay $5/yr and for that price I figure "kinda ok" is fair enough!

      For sub $1…id tolerate some pretty bad service =p

      As per that YouTube video, when the service goes to crap I just stop using it and come back later.

      I use it for nothing I care about, and I find the "semi free" offering worthwhile.

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    I know it's only $0.70 cents but these guys do not have a reputation for providing a quality service (at any price point). Check out Lowendtalk for some reading material.

    Also they spam your inbox with the same offers for every possible holiday of even the slightest significance.

    I had a VPS with them for 1 day and it was on the most oversold node you could imagine. I used my refund window and ran, something they don't always honor until scrutinized.


    Does anyone have any alternatives for ~$1.00?

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      host it on a dialup iHug connection from 1997 it's literally infinitely times better than this will ever be. these companies scam people by offering stupid pricing "thats too good to pass up!" and have a 3 day window for refunds you need to fight for.

      most people dont bother due to the low price and write it off. thats how they make their cash. selling stuff people will give up on


      Run your own


    FWIW Did some more investigation and it seems that if you want/need a private server you do not want to bother with the standard vps offerings using openVZ but rather you are much better off going with the various KVM offerings. I don't think it's an openVZ versus KVM technology issue as such, more that there is some oversubscription on older hardware involved - a lot of the complaints seem to be directed at these original vps offerings or from people trying to use the master reseller option and not getting support. Other complaints seem to be from people getting spam from sites hosted with them (a risk due to cheap plans and ability to setup quickly) and/or having their own site blocked by google (due to shared IP address and someone else on a shared plan doing something bad).

    I bit the bullet to give them a go. I forked out the $7 for the cPanel deal with a permanent IP address, pointed a (non-critical personal) domain at it that was previously on weebly and used cPanel to install wordpress etc. So far performance seems ok - will see how it goes. If it turns out to be rubbish I'll just shift it back to weebly.


      Also signed up for a $7 for the cPanel deal with a permanent IP address at AlphaRacks but now I can't find the nameservers to use for my website URL. I raised a support ticket but anybody here know? Thx


        Check your email confirmation as the info was in that - in my case the first nameserver used my ip address, and the second used *.254


    I ended up going with MegaZoneHosting for 1usd a year shared hosting plan seems good so far

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