Laptop or Tablet for Uni?

Hi OzExperts,
I'm looking for a laptop to uni, around the price $700 while I'm slowly building my first Desktop with my limited budget.

I'm planning to get one of these on boxing day unless something changed my mind

Asus X540UB-DM032T I5


ms surface go 128gb

Any suggestion would help a lot thanks!
I'm going to study IT though


  • Most unis have hundreds of computers to use in the library or in labs

    So pick whatever you feel is better to take notes on

    if i was you i would throw the 700 onto the desktop

    • Most unis have hundreds of computers to use in the library or in labs

      During busy hours, you'll find it hard to find one available (this might vary from Uni to Uni).

  • It's only my guess, but I doubt unis use software available on the microsoft go store unless it's very simple. I wouldn't get Surface go.

    • You can turn off S mode for free and install anything you need.

      I've got the LTE Surface Go as a 2nd device in addition to my Surface Book and I'm very happy with it.

      Not the fastest device but I love it because:
      - Great size. Perfect for carrying to and from work/uni, sitting on the couch, quickly doing tasks while on public transport, pulling up recipes in the kitchen
      - 3:2 aspect screen is great for documents and reading. Much better for productivity than the usual 16:9. I don't think that I could ever go back to a 16:9 laptop
      - Detachable keyboard makes it convertible to a decent tablet


    The r5 seems very comparable to the i5 you've got there and the vega 8 iGOU seems to be better then the MX110 in the one above at most things.

    This one'll also come stock with an SSD. Though I'd highly advise getting a bigger storage drive (500gb ssd or 2.5" 1tb HDD). The drive slot's 2.5" and apparently 7mm? Don't think that'll matter to much but in case it does.

    Great keyboard as well. Though the layout's a bit weird.

    No idea if it'll come in cheaper (the lowest without cash back was something like $755. I think there was a stuoid good cashback once and it got near/sub $700). Will take approximately 2 weeks shipping from Lenovo's actually site though so keep that in mind.

    *If that above didn't answer your question, I'd say go for a laptop.

    • Thanks for the detailed reply, this actually looks good, I still have a long time till uni starts next year, so 2 weeks shipping is fine. Unsure where do I get the e-coupons for it tho

      Edit:found the coupon, thanks a lot

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