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[PS4 / PC / XB1] Fallout 76 Power Pack Edition $49 (in Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this at my local store in VIC, really good price for this JB Hi-Fi exclusive considering the game itself will be on discount at Big W on Boxing Day for $39. This power pack is listed as $99 on JB website so should be an in store discount.

This power pack includes the Nuka Cola Power Armor Pop Vinyl figurine, so for folks who like this, a good deal. Should be country wide.

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JB Hi-Fi
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    Garbage game lol

    • +4

      Thats pretty offensive to garbage 😁

    • +1

      The equivalent to getting coal this Christmas.

    • +1

      Such a waste!!! I will give $5 max for this as a package cost.

  • +9

    Game is not worth 49$ let alone 20$ dont buy this garbage wait till they make it f2p or sub 15$ if you really want to play it

  • +2

    The most disappointing game of 2018?

  • +3

    This is not a money proposition, the question is do you value your time?

    • -5

      Lots of people are playing it so some people like it.

      • yeah the meme of ''stop enjoying yourself, it's rubbish'' is never more true.

  • +1

    Just reminder, you can get free Fallout Trilogy next month after buying Fallout 76 (to realize how bad it is).

  • +3

    Jeez they're really trying to get creative to sell this game, $19 if you buy it with a controller or buy the special edition at half price of rrp yeah no thank you, hopefully big game companies will wake up in 2019 when consumers have started voting with their wallets !!

  • No deal is good deal with this POS.

  • I got this for Xmas present. Awkward!!

  • $50 for this game… lolololol

  • I'd rather cut off my own insert imagination here and send it to Bethesda in the mail.

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