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Hi all

My current setup is 1 desktop pc connected straight to the tv screen.

Now if the mrs wants to watch her netflix, i cant do any gaming. im thinking of getting an nvidia shield, so that i can stream my gaming to a secondary tv

now the question is, if i get the nvidia shield and stream a game to the second tv and am using the pc's power to process the game, can the mrs still watch netflix on the main tv? what does the pc "look" like its doing on its main monitor?

hopefully this question makes sense




    Shield doesn't stream all games. You are better off getting one of those Steam box streamer things. Cheaper too I think.

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    Get the mrs to watch netflix on her phone.


    I have two shields and they're brilliant
    rhe computer will show what ever you're streaming on its screen like a mirrorc

    Above comment is incorrect you can stream anything to shield, all games and or your desktop.

    I upgraded from a streaming box and haven't looked back


    why not just get a dedicated screen (monitor/tv) for gaming and one for netflix đŸ˜…
    skip all the nvidia shields hassle!

    mrs can use her phone/laptop + chromecast to stream netflix to tv or simply use amazon fire stix $49 on its own (if you dont have smart tv) and you can game in peace on your own screen

    if you already have/thinking of getting a 2nd screen, this comes out cheaper than nvidia shields without worrying about the processing power, bandwidth and other whatnot


      This. Just get a monitor and have a chromecast ultra in the lounge for streaming purposes. Or get a cheap Xiaomi Mi Box (probably even second hand now) which will solve a lot of your problems.


    the mrs likes watching on the big screen + floor standing speakers vs crappy little iphone/ipad/laptop. cant blame her!

    the pc has a 1080ti so should be powerful enough for the shield stream

    however somebody mentioned that the primary and secondary screens still clone each other, which means 2 people cant use the one pc to do 2 separate tasks :(

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