expired Coca Cola Coke Classic and No Sugar 6 x 1.25L $9 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


$1.50 per bottle before discounts and rebates, $1.20 if the 20% off works) and don't forget Cash Rewards for another 5% and of course the pointless 10c per bottle back in most states after spending more to get to the depot.

This MAY be eligible for the 20% off deal but hasn't worked so far.
Spend $50, save 20% on select household & pantry essentials
Offer ends 11:59pm 31/12/2018. Only applies to items sold by Amazon AU on Amazon.com.au.
Conditions below.

No Sugar also $9 @ Amazon AU

Classic Coke Taste
Serve Drink Cold for Maximum Refreshment
A Quality Product of The Coca-Cola Company
6 x 1.25L Multipack Bottle Soft Drink
Perfect for drinking on the go, having with a meal or relaxing with at home.

These terms and conditions apply to the offer (“Offer”) whereby customers who purchase $50 or more on selected household and personal care products will receive 20% off their order. Offer is valid until 11:59pm (AEST) on 31st December 2018. The Offer will only apply to items sold by Amazon AU on Amazon.com.au. Offers do not apply to purchases made from third-party sellers on Amazon.com.au (including Amazon US) even if “fulfilled by Amazon”. Each Offer is valid only for select household and personal care products as displayed for that Offer on Amazon.com.au (“Qualifying Items”). The Offer only applies to a purchase of $50 or more of Qualifying Items in a single order. If you do not add $50 or more of Qualifying Items to your Shopping Cart, the Offer will not apply. If you cancel or return part or all of your order such that your order no longer contains $50 or more of Qualifying Items, the Offer will cease to apply and, if applicable, you may be charged for any items retained that no longer meet the relevant Offer terms. Offers cannot be used on pre-existing orders. This Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice. This Offer is not redeemable for cash. This Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold. Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply. Delivery will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon AU's standard delivery rates and policies. If eligible for the Offer, the discount of 20% off Qualifying Items only (for each order containing Qualifying Items totaling $50 or more) will be applied at checkout. A limit of 5 identical Qualifying Items per order applies.

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    Can't seem to make use of the offer "Spend $50, save 20% on select household & pantry essentials" after adding 3 of the regular cokes, and 3 of the no sugar ones. Hmm


    As always, Amazon is a rip off when it comes to grocery items.
    $1.50 per bottle? They're currently $1.42 at Woolworths in VIC, and you don't have to pay for delivery or a premium subscription.
    More so, you can get any amount you want and there are other varieties such as Vanilla, Orange, Diet, and Caffeine Free.

    Is it cheaper than the supermarket for other states?


      10% cash back at moment with SHOPBACK, means $1.35

      Same price as Woolies would be with 5% discount e-gift card purchases.

      Free delivery to my door. (Albeit Woolies has other flavours)

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      Considering cash back and the cost to ship something this, I don't think it's that bad a deal. If you don't own a car I could see Amazon Prime being especially good value.


      How on earth do you come to the conclusion that Amazon is a rip off ALWAYS?

      Woolworths regular price is $3 per bottle, Amazon is selling it for $1.50 a bottle BEFORE cashback and before other discounts and is delivered for free with prime.

      The current price in QLD for Coca Cola 1.25l is $1.50 (was $3.00). In a week it'll be back to $3.

      Amazon may not have the range yet but I can't believe that people are saying the supermarkets offer better deals all year round. Next you'll tell us that the supermarkets are our friends.

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    Very nice price $1.08/litre after ShopBack 10%, thanks OP.

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