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[iOS/iTunes] Stardew Valley $5.99 (Usually $12.99) @ iTunes Store


An excellent farming simulator game on iOS. This is a very zen full RPG that has Animal Crossing / Harvest Moon feels to it.

I say it would have easily be worth it at full price. At more than 50% off this is a no brainer!

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  • What a steal. How are the controls on a touchscreen device?

    • There's no joystick option, you move by tapping on where you want to go

    • Tạp and go, it also automatically selects the appropriate tool for you (e.g. click on a piece of wood and it switches to the chopper).

    • recent updates have given you a choice for joystick or touch and go

  • Historical lowest?

  • This is MFi controller compatible as well so you don't have to use touch screen controls.

    • Where's the best place to buy one of these MFi controllers?

      • I got mine (steelseries Nimbus) from Catch of The Day a year or two ago for $50, they also pop up on Massdrop I think. But they are getting rarer and rarer since Apple doesn't care about the MFI program.

  • I have been eyeing this game for a while now…was originally planning to get the Switch version when I get a Switch but was also considering the PC version. Is the iOS port any good or should I wait for a sale on the PC/Switch version?

    • Game is perfect for switch. I'd say just get it at full price for switch if you can afford it.

    • Switch version is okay, but you lose out on hotkeys and switch between tools with triggers, which takes longer. Right stick cursor is also clumsier vs mouse. You'll notice the difference if you're planning to maximise every action and every second of the day, but for most people it's totally fine.

      Chucklefish (publisher) also split from ConcernedApe (dev) with the former taking over mobile and Switch, and latter handling everything else… so who knows how well it'll stay updated. When I played on Switch, it was old version and missed Night Market, auto-grabber (a must if you wanted to spec into animal products), etc.

    • I actually like it on a more mobile platform like the Switch because of the nature of the game. You can play it in short bursts which is good if you commute. I was waiting for a sale for it, but I caved and got it using a discounted e shop voucher. No regrets. I've put in over 120 hours on it. Nice and relaxing game.

  • I bought it yesterday on IOS -_-
    I’ve purchased it on several different platforms now, not even mad. It’s a great game.

  • No Android?

  • I’ve not played it but heard great things. Is it pay to win in any way? Zero interest in games with in app purchases

  • I bought it at full price when it came out, no regrets
    This price is a steal

  • Note: no multiplayer support with the iOS version

  • I have this on Switch and MAC. Just bought it again for IOS, maybe it’s just me but this 8 bit pixel graphics looks gorgeous on the new 12.9” iPad Pro.

  • This game is amazing, own it on both PS4 and PC, about 250+ hours over different farms. Good deal OP