Pentax DSLR Body

Hi OzB, I have an old Pentax K-R that's given up the ghost so I'm looking for a new body or maybe body+lens combo so I can use my existing lenses but not after anything fancy so the cheaper the better really.

I would prefer something new, but if there's a good second hand buy I'd consider it.

I don't know squat about the newer Pentax cameras so any guidance would be appreciated.




    When similar happened to me a few years ago, the cheapest route was to buy the cheap kit and sell the lens.
    That said, I would probably look for a secondhand body in the next few weeks as people who got a Xmas upgrade sell their old body.
    Dpreview is your friend for in depth reviews and they don’t have a chip on their shoulder about Pentax.


      Somehow missed your comment! Yeah I'll keep my eyes peeled for something second hand, I think it's probably the best option. I'll scour dpreview to compare the models and see what pops up!

      Thanks :)