Whats the difference between the 4 models of this laptop? For daily driver LENOVO THINKPAD E580


there is 4 models. im willing to spend up to 1.2k.

whats the best model for the money out of these?

and whats the differences?

also is there any better option for 1.2k right now?

thank you.

this is for uni. going to be using it daily.

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    1st one looks like mine, Got 4-5 months ago & I added
    + Backlit Keyboard with Number Pad $50
    + 65W USB-C Charger $FREE

    It came to $928.99 with free shipping.

    I don't use it a lot, As I use my desktop ( custom build ) 99% of the time. But its good for away from home, travel, sitting on the lounge etc.
    Use it for surfing the net, coding etc.

    It depends on your "uni" needs.
    The 1st one will probably do the job. Assuming no heavy work like rendering, gaming. etc

    Use the compare tool on the site. It will show you the differences. ( hard drives, processor, windows home to pro etc )

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    Lenovo is just making it confusing. Basically from left to right

    $1,019 $1,099 $1,099 $1,199
    i5-8250U i5-8250U i7-8550U i7-8550U
    Win10 Home Win10 Pro Win10 Home Win10 Home
    Intel UHD Intel UHD Radeon RX Radeon RX
    Ships in 6-9 days Ships in 2 days Ships in 6-9 days Ships in 2 days

    Note that ready-to-ship models do not allow you to customise. For me the winner would be the 3rd model from left ($1,099 i7-8550U). Not only being $100 cheaper than equivalent ready-to-ship model, you can further customise it. For example add $50 for backlit keyboard.

    Most laptops these days are all good enough as "daily-driver" though.