Is Mattress Cleaning Really a Thing? Does It Work?

I can across mattress cleaning service offered by different carpet cleaning companies. Thought it might be a good idea to refresh my pillow top double mattress.

Some companies offer dry cleaning and others would clean them like a carpet. From what I gathered they first pre treat it with sprays and remove body oils. Then inject water in and try to remove as much water as possible. Pulling out dirt and dead skin cells out of it at the same time.

The price ranges from $50 to $150. I'm not sure if it's worth doing and will worsen things by making my mattress grow mold? Did anybody knows if it works or I should just buy a new queen mattress?



    this is what i use to clean my mattress.

    • Same, we just use our vacuum on maximum power + motorhead, and wash mattress protector quarterly

    • How is that different from a normal vacuum head? Apart from the normal vacuum head being dirty…

  • I watched this company pitch on shark tank and thought it was a pretty cool idea. Nothing like it in OZ I don't think but I would use it if they were here.

  • What age have you reached without paying for this “service”?
    What suffering have you endured without paying for it?
    Does that answer suggest it is a good value service?

    • Whoa.. It doesn't really answer it. I am after opinions of anyone who may have used the service and has a more insightful comments to offer. Particularly about the service.

      • Just pointing out there are a million pointless “services” you can waste money on.
        This site is about spending wisely, not throwing money away.

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    I"m sure it is a thing. It is a thing you really need - probably not.

  • You can get a vacuum sealed mattress from ebay for like $300

    Paying half that to get it get cleaned is a waste

  • in excellent sunny weather, leave your mattress outside in the sun for a few hours

  • Just a waste of money !

  • You can try sprinkling bicarb soda over the surface, let it sit for an hour or so, then vacuum it up. It works to absorb some of the moisture and odours and vacuuming will also hopefully remove all that dead skin!

    • Thanks Brian, I will try that!

      • No worries, when I did it I didn’t see any huge difference since our mattress was only 18 months old and physically clean already, but I did notice the bicarb soda start to clump together, a good sign that it had absorbed at least some moisture