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Integral Premium High Speed MicroSD 256GB £27.99 + £1.95 Delivery (~AU $54) @ MyMemory UK


A great price for a 256gb micro SD memory card with good speeds (U3/V30 rated, pretty much the highest rating for UHS-I cards currently available)

I could not find a detailed review, but some user reviews exist on Amazon UK - sequential write speeds around 78-90 MB/s, which is on par with the Evo plus/select range.

I have not seen these marketed in Australia, but Integral appears to be based in UK, which makes sense given they are mainly available via UK sellers.

This is great for switch users, but for those considering it for photography and videography, I would be more reluctant to recommend this (unless you MUST do a 1 take, 2 hour shot at 4k e.g. at a concert) - it is simply too many eggs in one basket. It is much safer to have your images/videos stored over multiple smaller cards.

You can also purchase from the Australian Mirror for $51.22 AUD + $3.75 shipping - might be preferrable depending on exchange rates etc.

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