Please Help Me Choose between PS4 Slim 1TB + Uncharted NathanDrake Collection & 4 ($379) and PS4 Pro 1TB Console ($450)

Hi All,

I was able to find some deals for PS4 and unable to decide on which to choose
Deal 1 : PS4 1TB Slim + Uncharted NathanDrake Collection & 4 for $379
Deal 2 : PS4 1TB Pro console only for 450$

My Situation:

  1. Never owned a console earlier
  2. Interested in gaming but a casual player
  3. Do not own a 4K TV
  4. The slim is readily available but Pro will need to be delivered and might take upto 10 days

Based on the price from other sites, I'm tending towards Pro.
It would be a great help if someone could help me in making a better decision as I'm new to gaming.

P.S. I'm new to ozbargain as well. Please excuse me if there is any mistake in posting this question here. I posted a question once but couldn't find it. So re-posting this.


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    If you don't have a 4K TV what benefit is there to having the Pro?


      Not sure. What's the answer?

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        Better performance in a more steady frame rate. Some games even let the pro to go up to 40-50fps.

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      • Higher framerates in a lot of games.
      • Better graphics, more details in a lot of (newer) games.
      • A much better VR experience (less jaggies / higher resolution).

      You need to consider:
      1. How important is $80 to you?
      2. How much time off do you get? ie, are these 10 days which a lot of people have off work significant vs waiting 10 days when you're back at work?
      3. You interested in getting PSVR later?

      None of this was enough to persuade me away from the $199 PS4 slim a few years ago.
      You probably won't regret buying either console to be honest.


      In most modern games, as in like any with a high level of realistic graphics or etc, the PS4 slimm is not running them on high or the best settings, even at 1080p. It just isn't powerful enough.


    As above, if you won’t be using a 4K TV, get the Slim, if you intend to invest in 4K later (soonish), get the Pro.

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    Many games have a 60fps high quality option for 1080p and its really great. If you get the slim you will always wonder what it would have been like if you had bought the pro, if you buy the pro you never look back and think "Man what if I had bought the slim instead".


    I have both, plus PSVR plus PS3..

    Go pro for the better experience, it’s definitely noticeable on my 4K (resolution) and 1080p (smoothness, framerate) monitors.

    Just wait the 10 days, do some exercise, see friends, then spend a month playing RDR2 on your Pro :)


    where do yo find PS4 Pro for &450?