Injured pigeon in balcony, what can I do to help it?


While feeding birds, I have noticed an injured pigeon hiding behind planter in my balcony. I fed it some food and kept bowl of water near by. What can I do now? Can I call some bird rescue? Not sure if they do home visit and that too for a wild pigeon. Poor fellow can not fly. Please advice.



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    try wires or fauna rescue equivalent in your state - they should be able to advise best course of action.

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    If you live in the opal tower it will eventually make its own way to the ground floor.

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    if he (or she) can not fly, make a multi level home out of boxes for him, pimp it out with crystal balls, pictures of topless pigeons on the walls, pool room, and make his life awesome and keep him indoors, till he dies of old age.

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      if he (or she)

      What? Gets easily offended by you assuming it’s gender??

      • It may not identify with a species either.

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      Feral pigeons are disease carrying pests. Eating them is a bad idea.

      • good for h1n1

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    • Congee!

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    Why are you feeding the rodents of the sky?

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    Ring rspca, they will give you the number of a local carer to contact.

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    Flush it

  • Similarly, there's an injured rat in my wood shed and a snail with a broken shell in my garden.

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      Call someone who cares … RACV :)

  • Call the fauna rescue asap. Don't just try and look after it. I did that and by the time it got to the vet the infection in its broken wing was that bad they had to euthenise or I had to pay 3k to make the bird healthy again.

  • It's a pigeon, they're pests. You've left water out, now just let nature take its path

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    Dirty, filthy, disease carrying sky rodent. It is most likely an introduced species. Do the native fauna a favour and dispose of it.

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      No introduced species has done more damage to indigenous fauna the world over than us humans. Should we all follow your advice?

      • Please don't lead by example. Stay around a bit longer.

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        I live in the Hunter Valley in NSW. I live on the doorstep of the coal mining area. I see first hand what we do as humans. So yeah, I see how much damage we do to the environment on a daily basis. And it would be nice if we could get rid of humans, but I don’t know how or where to start.

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          Please, resist the obvious and stay around a bit longer.

        • Would you believe that the endless green hills of the Hunter are in fact a greater destruction of the (pre-Euro-invasion) natural environment with its indigenous fauna than all the mines peppering the area?

  • Thanks everyone, I did leave message to both wires and fauna last night. However this morning pigeon was gone this morning, may be over night rest and food did the trick. Or may be hungry possum. Sometimes I feel, I should visit OzBargain just for the humour in the comments ;-)

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      Or may be hungry possum cat.


      Australian possums tend to eat herbivore things. They are not really known for sneaking onto 9th floor balconies to eat dead sky rats.

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    First you will need a brick…

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      Death is a natural part of life.

      • So is cancer.

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    Its just a bird. Dont worry about it.
    They become injured all the time and dont need our asistance.
    Just look after him whilst he is there.
    But next time a pigeon poops on your head or on your car dont complain.

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    Throw it off the balcony as far as you can. Like a paper aeroplane type thing.

  • I once hit a pigeon with my car. Felt guilty and went to see what I could do. It was in bad shape and I decided to kill it quickly.
    Breaking it's neck seemed the obvious choice but I overthought it. Obviously their necks are so twisty I should just pull it and snap the vertebrae. So I did and it's head came off in my fingers! F'ING HORRIBLE

  • By the time you get to these replies, it'll probably be dead anyway. Start digging a hole in someone else's garden.

    And don't forget the incense.. :)

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