Old Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (Plm02zm, single USB output) Vs New Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (Plm09zm, dual USB output)

If I didn't need dual USB output why I would I buy the newer as the older model is shorter by 1.7cm or 10% and lighter by 30g or 10%. See specifications comparison and size comparison

Older model also has higher capacity battery as said by Unboxing the New Xiaomi Power Bank 210000mAh | ChargerLAB article

Although the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 and Xiaomi Power Bank 2 both use the lithium battery manufactured by Tianjin Lishen, the old model uses the M74 4.4V 38.5Wh high-density lithium battery while the new Xiaomi Power Bank uses conventional voltage lithium N22 4.2V 37Wh. The new one also features dual USB-A ports and a bigger PCB, resulting in a 17mm length increase when compared to the old model.

It is now slightly more expensive but only by a few dollars as I guess stock gets depeleted.

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    Prefer the older single USB output model (Plm02zm)
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    Prefer the newer dual USB output model (Plm09zm)

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