Which Dishwasher? -Budget up to $1100

Hi all
I am after buying a dishwasher and got confused about my new purchase….
I bought IKEA dishwasher 3 years ago and started developing rust inside and returned it while it has 5 year warranty but they don't have anything in stock at the moment.
I need to buy a dishwasher asap. Checked Harvey Norman and they suggested Miele and Asko and one step down Ariston.
Checked Bosch.. cheap ones are built with plastic and looked cheap and low quality… still not sure if i can trust my feeling…
The good guys guys said almost same and was pushing me to spend more….
What would you suggest ?
I don't mind to go up to $1100 but still not sure if it worth to pay that much ?
What if after 2 years warranty , Miele dishwasher dies….
Please help me to
Thanks in advance.


  • Miele sell an extended warranty from memory which takes it to 3 years or 5 years.

    You're also still covered under ACL which as a peace of mind.

    Previously had a Bosch, Asko and now Miele.

    I prefer Miele.

    What I don't like its having 50 million settings.

  • I have the fisher and paykel dishdrawer and am very happy with it. Every wash is super clean and I use cheap powder from Aldi. Quickest cycle is ~40min but there are heavier options for tough stuff. Layout is super handy - just enough spaces for cups and glasses, can modify for wine glasses etc and I only put one drawer on most days which saves water/energy.

  • I have this one https://www.retravision.com.au/siemens-sn257i01ma and love it. Super quiet, has a fast cycle which is good for every day stuff. Cutlery drawer. No complaints here.

  • We finally retired our Miele dishwasher after 22 years a few months ago. Was looking at another Miele but got a fantastic deal on a Siemens. Time will tell if it lasts as long.

  • I have one ~10 year old german built miele, one czech built miele, and one italian built smeg. The german built miele is the quietest and cleans very well. Can't talk to the czech built miele, but the italian smeg is not as good as the german miele. It is louder, sheet metal is quite thin and doesn't clean as well. However, it was cheaper and has similar features and the fit out inside the washer is better - i.e. better racks, cutlery tray and basket etc.

  • We've got a Miele in our older house and a series 8 Bosch in the new build. Both excellent washers.

    https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/bosch-stainless-steel-freesta... (10% off offer atm)

    Product info:

    Very quiet operation, multiple modes, excellent cleaning of everything we've washed in it. German built, with almost all stainless steel interior.

    • I know a few people with Miele dishwashers, and they like them. They are all models that are 10 years old plus though. Miele dishwashers never die apparently. I bought a Bosch (with the stainless steel interior) two years ago for about $1200 and my wife and I love it, would buy it again.

      I think the consensus on Bosch is to pay extra for the better models with SS interiors.

  • I've got a Bosch semi-integrated dishwasher - highly recommend it.

  • I have checked all mentioned options. Also, spoken with lots of professionals and sales people.
    Finally, decided to select Bosch. based on my research ,it seems that Bosch is very good at dishwasher making. Although in first stages I had issues with the "Polinox inner tube" but I realised that in a way, this will be better and more durable. Although cons for these sort of inner tube would be the noise.
    So, I ended up to get either model of Bosch.
    This is how they explain the inner tube:
    "Polinox inner tub: The patented Polinox inner tub is extremely durable, odourless and rust-free. German engineered with robust materials that withstand dints, scratches and discolouration, based on 10 year simulation tests".
    Anyways, thanks very much for all of your recommendations.

    Also, found very good price for Bosch Series 4 in Harvey Norman "https://www.harveynorman.com.au/bosch-sms50e32au-white-freestanding-dishwasher.html" yesterday . It was $568. i jumped in JB and asked them to match and they did. in JB, it is $689 "https://www.jbhifi.com.au/home-appliances/dishwashers/bosch/bosch-sms50e32au-14-place-setting-dishwasher/70996/"although it used to be on special for $627.
    But interestingly after this match price, I noticed that today, price in Harvey Norman website has changed to $628 means $50 more?!?!?! NOT SURE IF THERE WAS ANY RELATIONS BETWEEN JB and HN?!?!?!

    Anyways, I bought it for $568 and am very happy.