Basketball Shoes - Footlocker Discounts?

My son has saved up for new basketball shoes and Footlocker seems to be the only place stocking the NBA Player gear he wants. (~$200..seems crazy but whatever)

I can't find any active discounts at Footlocker other than 5.6% Cash Rewards here, which I could try (but prefer to buy in store, so waiting for delivery and $10 on a cash rewards program seems convoluted)

Any tips, codes,family and friends offers, member coupons?

The Locker Room discount program discussed on Ozbargain in 2016 seems to be closed to new customers.

In the past we bought from footlocker US but the deliver and exchange rate means this isn't cheaper anymore.

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    Which shoes? Could be cheaper elsewhere

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      Adult sized - LeBron Soldier 12s.. But in specific colours like all white.
      More expensive at Nike online, not stocked in Rebel..


        Facebook sneaker pages is where it is at - most are down to earth sneakerheads that will part ways for almost all their shoes.

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    Get him a pair of air jordans from jd $80 (juniors) (they have a shop as well in Sydney I noticed). He should fly like mike!


    hey there
    depends on what model of shoes he wants (usually the nba branded stuff will be more expensive due to the licensing), and sometimes that gear might be a footlocker exclusive.

    Is this for playing basketball or casual wear.. is he after jordan's/dunk's/af1's (or something other than nike??) as there are other cheaper places like jd-sport etc..

    and/or if you are near the nike factory or dfo you might find a gem there that has been discounted too?

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    Lebron Soldier XII's - $109 including delivery

    Only a sucker would buy anything from Foot Locker Aus. They are horribly over priced and usually have terrible service (US in store is actually usually a good experience).

    Basketball shoes are ALWAYS cheaper online. Eastbay is a reliable site, everyone in our local league gets there shoes from there. If your worried about fit, go to foot locker, find the size, then go home and order and save a tonne of money. Using ebay can to get them can be a good option as well


      Just remembered that price may be in USD, but its still cheaper than the 210AU footlocker has it for sale for.


      Does Eastbay price in USD or AUD? I've wanted to buy from them for a while, but always thought USD..

      Edit; saw your reply right after I hit post :).


        pretty sure shipping kills any sort of deal from Eastbay, from what I can recall it was $40 usd so altogether will cost $149 USD = $214.65


    Thanks for the ideas, eastbay was 35 US shipping, on a $140 shoe is $175 USD.

    More than the local price


      mad kicks collector here.

      eastbay are really good value if you buy 2 or more pairs of shoes, google eastbay coupon codes

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