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Fantastic Beasts (3D Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray + UV) $7 | Star Wars - Force Awakens (Blu-Ray) $9 + Delivery (Free Prime/$49) @ Amazon AU


Fantastic Beasts not bad for $7, being barely more than renting and cheaper than the version without 3D and UV, so I thought worth a post. Free delivery with Prime. The UV copy would probably have to be redeemed with Flixster, which sort of sucks, but still.
If you don't have 3D, you can use the second disc as a shiny coaster for your drink.

Star Wars - Force Awakens - $9

Some other notable Blu-Ray deals:

Finding Dory - $9 (on back-order; must select Amazon AU as seller)
Deadpool 2 Super Duper [email protected]%!#& Cut (includes digital copy) - $13

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  • Only problem with this deal is that you potentially come out of it owning a copy of Fantastic Beasts. Still, a good price for The Force Awakens.

    • If the next fantastic beasts tanks that will probably be it for the spinoff franchise. Kind of like what happened from Lord of the Rings to the Hobbit. At least Hobbit was only 3 parts. Wishful thinking to get 5 movies out of Fantastic Beasts at this rate

      • Sadly, I agree. I thought the first movie was not all bad; slightly slow, but acceptable for a first movie. But the second had me flabbergasted about how they believed anyone could sit through this and leave satisfied. I didn't get any of it.
        Just pretend the first movie is the only one, and then you will feel better.

      • I personally don't understand the hate for these movies. I think they are both great. The Crimes of Grindelwald is one of my favourite movies from last year.

        • I fell asleep in Crimes. I rarely fall asleep in the cinema. I think the problem is really either trying to out do the original series or try and make them too different

        • I saw the first Fantastic Beasts movie once last year, but watching the Crimes movie shortly after was incredibly hard to follow. It went all over the place and I wasn't sure what the plot was or where it was at. If I was able to turn off my brain, it would have been fine; but because I couldn't follow the plot and couldn't keep up, I found it to be quite dull.

      • They're aiming for 5???? Tell em they're dreaming!

    • Oh come on now. They'd both make fantastic drink coasters.

  • Got Force Awakens the other day. Sad that it doesn't come with the special features disc

  • Finding Dory OOS

    • Looks like it’s still available, just on back order. Change the seller and the $9 is still there and available and can be checked out with. By default Amazon will show the in stock item over a back ordered cheaper one.

  • Fantastic Beasts $16 at JB, Force Awakens $23…. Finding Dory $25….Deadpool 2 $20…
    All excluding delivery costs. Or getting off the couch to go to a JB….

    Where's those Amazon haters?

    • Add $8 for delivery and it's not that much cheaper than JB. Who only charge $1.69 I might add.

      • Yeah just gotta ignore free Prime…. Or hey getting your movies in 2 days as opposed to who knows when… And JB charge for every item…

  • The first Fantastic Beasts was actually a pretty enjoyable ride with reasonable character development. The second Fantastic Beasts was full of plot holes and weird storylines and unnecessary characters. Even Jude Law couldn't save it and he is super fine.

  • That reminds me, master entropy got a copy of “the hobbit: there and back again as it should have been” or something like that from Channel BT. Edited down to about four hours I think. I should sit down and watch it.

  • Fantastic Beasts "usually despatched within 2 to 3 weeks"…FYI for those who are happy to wait.