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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifying Fan Heater + Bonus Filter $599 Delivered @ Dyson Australia


Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link $599 with Free Filter. Its been cheaper before, but still a good price. Other stores have price matched but Dyson provides the free delivery and a free filter worth $99

Also available in the following colours:

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    Suggest reading reviews before purchasing.

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      To add one to the mix, I own one of these and I love it. We have poor airflow in our house and our dog/allergies are well served with having an air purifier. The digital elements (wifi, auto temp/purification monitoring etc) are all extra things a $15 fan or heater from Bunnings will not give you. The energy efficiency in the heating also has saved us $$$ on our energy bill (it’s a very targeted stream of hot air so you don’t need to heat up a whole room to be warm, particularly at night). Sure, it’s not for everyone (and the RRP is indeed high) but I would definitely recommend it for the right person, and definitely when you’re not paying full price for it.

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        The energy efficiency in the heating also has saved us $$$ on our energy bill (it’s a very targeted stream of hot air so you don’t need to heat up a whole room to be warm, particularly at night).

        But the manual says the heater mode will constantly compare the set temperature to the actual room temperature:

        Once the target room temperature has been reached, the appliance will stop heating the air. If the room temperature falls below the target temperature, the appliance will start to heat again.

        Ergo, whether the beam of air is wide or direct, surely there are no savings and the same amount of power is used. Actually, one could argue that with a narrower beam of air, it'll actually take far longer to get the room up to the temperature, therefore the heater will be on longer.

        I've never owned one, so perhaps my comprehension of the user manual is incorrect or the manual is incomplete.

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          No you’re right, that’s how it works - our house is just very drafty/high ceilings so the directional blowing is more important in bigger rooms (e.g pointing it at the couch vs heating the whole room). Have used it in the bedroom and it heats it up to the set temperature then stops. Compared to our wall heater in that room our smart meter tells us it’s $1-2 per hour cheaper to run the Dyson.


        do you have it placed on the ground or on a table?, been looking at one for a while

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          Have done both but ended up keeping it on a small table, just because it fits better with the room. It angles up and down, and has both an oscillate and diffuse function, so doesn’t really matter if you put it up high or on the ground


      I bought one in Nov ($499 with free extra filter)for its purifying feature but on investigating further I didn't think it was going to fit my requirements so I got the Daikin air purifier which certainly isn't as pretty but it has given great allergy relief so far.

      I ended up returning the dyson unopened with their peace of mind guarantee. The process so far has put me off ever buying something from Dyson again as I would hate to have to deal with them if their product did need repair or return. So far they've been unable to process a simple return in a month (from the date it made it back to their warehouse). Each time I've contacted them for follow up I've been given different excuses and reassurances that I'll get my refund in the next few days, wait a few days, call/email Dyson, rinse and repeat.

      Having been a regular Dyson customer (always bought from local stores though) from day dot it's been a pretty disappointing consumer experience.

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    I got fan from target for 15$ and a heater for 2$ promo from Bunnings. I’m set thank you


    I've looked a little in to these - they appear to placed somewhere in between the Xiaomi and the molekule. The dysons active monitoring and display is impressive, and it turns up until the air has been cleaned to an acceptable level.
    No air conditioning though, which I had at first assumed from the word "cool".

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      Yeah wow what a joke. At that price I would want it to cool my whole apartment to whatever temp I desire.

      I'll stick with my $15 pedestal fan from Big W.

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    The purifier is good, and having a heating option is great too and the heating works in a small room.
    As a cooling option, this and the non-heating/HEPA versions are awful. You need to be very close to them to feel the air, unless you turn it up to max speed which makes it quite loud.

    As a pure fan, there are many options out there that are much better. Even a slimline $80 will work, and if you're okay with blade/pedestal, get a brushless DC motor one for $120 or thereabouts for near silent operation.