[Steam] Key Giveaway- Breach Technical Alpha, Dying Light Winter Event Gold-Tier Weapon Docket, Blade & Soul @ Alienware Arena


Enjoy another freebie :)

Breach @ Steam

Claim Your Breach Technical Alpha Instant Access Key
Servers open January 4th!
Gain instant access to the Breach Technical Alpha before the game begins Steam Early Access in January. Modern Earth and Mythological Earth collide in Breach, a third person action RPG with fast-paced combat. Create your own character and choose from dozens of classes. Take your character on missions across the globe in Solo, Co-op, or Versus modes as a Hero, a Veil Demon, or both. Learn more about the Breach pre-order packs!

Unlock a Gold-Tier Weapon with this Exclusive Key!
Twas the night before Christmas. And all through Harran… a perfect time to dive into some parkour-driven zombie survival with Dying Light.

Make sure you grab your gold-tier weapon docket to increase your chances of survival. Gear up and prepare for the most intense Xmas ever. Experience the ultimate zombie game in co-op mode up to four players with your friends.

Make sure to track the score on the official Community Bounty website, contribute and win rewards!
Get Dying Light up to 67% OFF on Steam during Winter Sale from 20th December to 3rd January.

Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery Costume Bundle Key Giveaway

Claim Your FREE Theater of Mystery Costume Bundle Today!
Join the launch of Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery, the game’s latest update, with a brand new Theater of Mystery Costume Bundle! This bundle includes:

Fated Bond costume
10 Hongmoon Hot Dragon Soups (Doubles XP from combat for 30 minutes)
Claim your bundle today and learn more about Blade & Soul @ http://www.bladeandsoul.com/

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    I got

    "Sorry, that code may have expired, been enter incorrectly, or is no longer valid. Please reattempt the code, or confirm that the code is still eligible to redeem."


    Dying Light Winter Event Gold-Tier Weapon Docket Key Giveaway(anz.alienwarearena.com)


    Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery Costume Bundle Key Giveaway(anz.alienwarearena.com)


    double post


    After making an account on alienware, then on playbreach, the playbreach verification email links to a page that shows this,

    "Account Verification Code: null

    Account Verification Link: null"


    • +3 votes

      Worked for me. But such a convoluted and annoying process.

      • +6 votes

        Not sure why you got downvoted.
        It was a convoluted process
        Create account alienware
        create account qc games
        add code from alienware into qc games
        get new code
        put code into steam
        Pain in the arse, but free so whatevs


      As a followup, I did a 'resend confirmation email' again just now (4th time), and now I'm getting the info needed to confirm the breach account.


    worked for me

  • +1 vote

    Is it just free alpha testing or free game for breach?


    The game looks kinda generic tbh, I got a code but searched up some gameplay and don't think i'll bother with this one. The process to getting the codes was such a gross process too, would'nt waste your time as it appears to just be free advertising for Alienware and probably more of a demo than a "Technical Alpha".


    Lol it's the full game

    Just use the code to generate a code for steam..

    Not that difficult. If you don't want to spend 30 seconds for a free game haha that's your choice

    • +5 votes

      4 accounts later and I've claimed all the codes. But it did take about 10-15 minutes. (Had to use a second email address for Alienware as the verification email didn't come through). 15 mins for games I may never play. Still, free is free. Thanks OP.

      (Hell of a lot better than RRP deals hitting the front page lately).

  • +1 vote

    I got the key and registered it on steam. Downloading it now.

  • +4 votes

    They don't look like the full game, except Breach. And each freebie requires a separate account on a different site. Skipping this one.


    for dying light and blade & soul, do you need to have the games or if you get the games months later will this still be attached to your steam account?? I dont yet have those 2 games..


    Signed up for Breach. It's a bit worrying that the confirmation page says:

    "*Enter the above code into your console to finalize the pack redemption."

    Might just be another one for kiddies and thumb f*^#ers.

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    Also, don't bother signing up for "Lightfield Kartridge" off the giveaways page, the key Alienware just provided is already expired.

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    Norton blocked the Breach website because it detected a phishing threat uh


    Meh, no steam trading cards.


    It is listed as free to play on steam, so I wouldn't bother.


    Note that the game will become free to play after the Early Access alpha period.

    As someone who just got back into playing Path of Exile, the Breach gameplay looks bland and uninspired so will give it a skip.

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    A product code you registered has been revoked from your account by the publisher:

    Breach Alpha Testing

    Your Steam key activation has been revoked by the publisher of the game, because a pre-release beta or test period has ended. The content associated with this Steam key can no longer be used as a result.

    If the developer has already released a coming soon page or launched the product, you’ll be able to find it on their Steam Store page.