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Coles Prepaid - Unlimited Calls & Text / 365 Day Expiry / 36GB Data - $150 (Was $180) @ Coles (in-Store)


This equates to $12.50 with 3GB data per month.

$180 Coles Prepaid SIM Starter Kit
• Unlimited talk & text to standard national numbers.
• 36GB data
• All for use in Australia.

Coles Prepaid supplied by Optus Mobile

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    Or Belong….$40 for $15, use a referral code now you have $60. $10 a month for unlimited calls and texts with 1gb a month. So you have 6 months now, extra 6 would be $60 making the total $75. Then you can buy 1gb of data for $1 on classifieds. So you could potentially buy 75gb of data. so in total you'll pay $150 for 87gb of data, unlimited calls and texts for 1 year.

    • And on Telstra's (wholesale) network as well.

    • you can refer your self ?

      • You need two numbers for that. Activate a starter pack to your primary number, then gift the data across.

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    My ALDI prepaid is similar and you still find it in some ALDI stores for $99 but only 12GB for 365 days

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      having a resemblance in appearance, character, or quantity, without being identical.

      12GB v 36GB is not similar

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        Unlimited phone calls and text, one off payment, valid for an entire year, data amount is different but aldi is cheaper. I'd say it's pretty similar, especially for those like me who it wouldn't make a difference whether I had
        1gb a month or 1000gb

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      Aldi use second tier Telstra network.

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        Telstra Wholesale reaches 98.8% of the population. Optus reaches 98.5% of the population. Both reach 96.5% of the population on 4G. Telstra Wholesale is capped at 100Mbps but it doesn't have blackspots in capital cities like Optus still does.

        They are similar but IMO Telstra Wholesale is better.

    • I like how you can recharge for the super packs now, after current pack expired.

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    Good deal. Good to see competition in the year paid at once sector. As someone who used to sim swap, having the year paid at once is a huge relief.

  • Better value elsewhere.

    Same network, less money and more than double the data with this deal

    • Neg votes mostly seem to come from those who post only a few deals themselves.

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        I didn't realise you had to have a post history to neg deals

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          It's a casual observation

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      Membership required.

      • Free to trial. Buy deal and cancel membership.

        P.s didn't mean to neg. Revoked

        • club catch isn't free trial anymore?

          • @CVonC: 3 month minimum, but you can buy 4 vouchers.

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      Competition is good buddy. Sure don’t give it a plus vote but a neg? Wowsers

    • I’m porting out of Catch. So I cannot avail of that deal

      • whose network do they use?

        • Optus also

      • Out for a month and back in again? As long as you port back by late Feb should still work.

    • Careful of excess data

      It doesn’t just stop data like Kogan and some others

  • Looking at SIM cards for the kids first phones. These year-long plans seem the way to go for them. But I don't want them using up all their years worth of data in the first month or two… Would the Kogan deal be better for them do you think because the data is allocated each month?

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      You can limit their access to apps (like what times) and stuff with a Google kids account. And you can control it from your own phone. It's pretty good actually. Not sure if there's an ios equivalent. Look up "Google Family Link".

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      Yes, I have both my kids & wife on Kogan 365 day plans.

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      +1 Kogan for kids due to monthly allocation of data.
      The boy uses up all his data each month…
      As such, he just has to wait until the end of the billing month to refresh. Otherwise he would burn it up and nag at me well before the year is up.

  • This or Kogan ?

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      Kogan is known to upgrade data to all users when it occurs ( which is frequent). I dunno about coles…

  • I am currently on an old Telstra plan. $10 per month. I pay for all texts and calls. And only 1GB data. I am thinking of going with either a Coles plan or a Kogan plan. In the wisdom of this crowd…which plan would be better?


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      Most importantly, it depends on whether you need the Telstra coverage. If you do, you're better off looking at a Telstra MVNO (Aldi, Woolworths, Telechoice, Belong, Boost, etc.). Coles is Optus and Kogan is Vodafone.

      • whether you need the Telstra coverage
        Coles is Optus and Kogan is Vodafone.

        Actually Kogan is both Vodafone and Optus. They have a roaming agreement with Optus for where Vodafone coverage is spotty or non-existant.

        I currently live in remote NSW and have full bars with Kogan. I had to use "Roaming 4g" a few times on a recent trip around regional NSW/Vic but it worked.

        Don't confuse the tier 2 Telstra wholesale coverage (that MVNOs have access to) - it's not comparable to the full Telstra tier 1 coverage in regional/remote Australia.

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          Don't confuse the tier 2 Telstra wholesale coverage (that MVNOs have access to) - it's not comparable to the full Telstra tier 1 coverage in regional/remote Australia

          My understanding is that the only difference between Telstra wholesale and Telstra 'proper' is access to 4GX on the 850mhz band.

          As far as calls and text, I thought coverage was completely identical. Have you seen any difference between Telstra wholesale and Telstra proper with that?

          Also, Boost runs on Telstra 'proper' (the only MVNO to do so to the best of my knowledge).

    • Optus vs Vodafone
      36Gb for you to budget the whole year vs 3Gb/month for a year

    • Whichever gives the best value. Kogan (vodafone) coverage these days is pretty good so they would be on a par there. Easy to activate on Kogan, not sure about Coles?

    • Another option is Amaysim $10 per 28 days with 1GB data and unlimited standard calls and sms. Optus reseller. Have relatives on it with no issues.

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      Kogan is known to upgrade data to all users pretty frequently

  • been doing that along with my Vodafone $50 Credit + 20$ Netflix voucher purchased together for $25.

    Voda gives me 35gb for 35 days @ $5 ($25 paid for $20 Netflix + $50 Vodafone Starter Kit) then
    Optus gives me ~35gb for 28 Days @ $9 Each

    35 + 28 = 63 days = more days then any 2 consecutive months

    ($5 + $9) $14 * 6 = $84 for 1 year and 420gb

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      I dont know about anyone else reading this, but I have no idea what you are saying. Care to go into some detail?

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        Jumps between starter packs when they expire.

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        He's a sim slut is what he's saying, porting to a different carrier every month. Used to be one myself. (It's not a pejorative term.)

    • How many Vodafone Sims you bought?

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    Bought about 6 of these when on sale

    Free $20 Netflix Gift Card with Purchase of $50 Vodafone Starter Pack for $25
    Unlimited calls and Text, 12GB + 23GB1 Bonus Data, 35 Day Expiry

    and then some of these


    Optus $30 Prepaid Sim Starter Kit $9 @ Woolworths

    Port from one to another after each period

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      Nice but not really relevant to this deal

    • Have you seen the Netflix deal since then?

  • use catch.com.au and get a membership for $6.50 and add in a cart catch mobile vouchers $99 0r $135 for free and use for catch mobile $199 365days free calls SMS MMS and 42 GB data or $270 365 days free calls SMS MMS 80 GB data.that will be actually on half price.

  • Kogan vs Catch …. which is the best deal? Pros and cons? Whos done the maths

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      Catch is cheaper across the board. More Data for the money. International Calls in some cases too.
      Network coverage is a personal thing. Vodafone vs Optus.
      If you can’t do portion control for data, the Kogan may be better as it’s allocated monthly.

      • Vodafone vs Optus.

        Actually Kogan = Vodafone and Optus. They have a roaming agreement for areas where Vodafone might be spotty.

        I just did a big trip around regional NSW and Victoria and I had full coverage with Kogan.

        • They have a roaming agreement for areas where Vodafone might be spotty

          So you automatically get access to the Optus 4G Plus network wherever it's available if Vodafone doesn't have coverage?

          First I hear of that. Do you have any reference for this?

          • +1

            @ginmi: It's not always automatic, but yes one can select "Roaming 4G" or "Roaming 3G" from a list of network operators when needed.

            I only went as far as seeing forum posts stating the roaming agreement. I looked further and it's network level, not just Kogan. It's the 6+ year roaming agreement between Optus and Vodafone of which references are numerous. This also means in theory that Catch/Coles (Optus) could use Vodafone in certain areas.

            Discussions on whirlpool in early 2018 suggested this relationship was likely to end "soon" based on the Optus coverage no longer appearing on the Vodafone website, but can confirm still able to do data/text/phone calls with the Optus roaming agreement.

    • +1

      Kogan have no dirty tricks in their contract.
      Kogan frequently add extra data for existing customers. I've been upgraded twice.
      Kogan uses both Vodafone and Optus network, i.e. you can use Optus roaming in regional Australia if there's a lack of Vodafone coverage.
      Not great for international calls - I would use Lebara in that case.

      Catch just uses Optus network.
      Catch isn't registered with TIA. Good luck getting your complaints dealt with.
      By default they charge $10 if you use up your data - but you can manually deactivate that feature.
      Catch are cheaper overall right now, but look at all the complaints about the service before committing.

      • +1

        The Catchconnect brand is actually owned directly by Optus and IS registered with TIO


        • No, they're not owned by Optus. It's a partnership, much like Kogan and Vodafone. You'll find a similar entry for Coles mobile on the TIO.


          The problem as mentioned by others is that complaints made to the TIO get redirected to Optus who refuse or are unable to deal with the problem, effectively meaning the complaint remains unresolved. I should have said "properly registered with the TIA," sorry for the confusion.

          • @RJK: CatchConnect is NOT like the other Optus MVNOs.

            It IS a brand owned directly by Optus but the service is marketed by the Catch Group. I am 100% certain of that.

            It is kind of like Boost being a brand which is now owned directly by Telstra. This is why they get access to Telstra 'proper' instead of Telstra wholesale like all the other MVNOs.

            If you ever bought a CatchConnect plan, take a look at the bottom of your tax invoice. You'll see the following:

            Optus Mobile Pty Ltd (ABN 65 054 365 696) trading as “Catch Connect”

            • @ginmi: I'm not sure where you're getting you're information. I've looked and can't find a single reputable source supporting these claims of ownership.

              Optus doesn't own Catch Connect.
              Telstra doesn't own Boost. They even say that themselves:


              Firstly, Telstra does not own Boost.

              Are you getting mixed up with Belong?

              • @RJK: " Optus Wholesale managing director Stuart Bird said the partnership would enable Optus to acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost of customer acquisition through retail networks.

                "We've always believed it's important to serve customers in different ways in Australia," Mr Bird said.

                "So we saw a great opportunity to partner with another challenger brand like us to access this segment of the market in a really lean and agile way.

                "Alongside our Optus brand we have a number of brands we execute to reach different customers who have different needs, who require a different value proposition and who might be price sensitive and might prefer choice, flexibility and value."


                • @ginmi: Even that section you quoted literally describes it as "a partnership"… and the language used about "brands" they "execute" would imply how they see all of the MVNOs operating on their network.

                  And then the article itself goes on to compare the relationship as similar to the partnership between Kogan with Vodafone. So you are basically proving my point, with an article I had already given you several messages earlier :p

                  Catch is using the Optus network. Optus classifies all of those Catch customers as mobile services on their network - which is the whole point of the exercise after all.

  • Any idea if you can stack more than one year (365 days) otherwise I might just stick with Kogan when I needed to recharge before April 20 2019.. yep 420.

    • Only Lebara stacks AFAIK.

      • Thanks any idea if Amaysim does also?

        • Don't think so.

  • Thanks, anyone know if this price is the same for in store recharge (existing Coles mobile service)?

    • I couldn’t see this price when I looked up the recharge amount and was still saying $180 but the title says in store

  • +3

    the good thing with getting the data as a yearly balance is when you go overseas on holidays you get data banking so you don't loose say 3GB of data when away for a month.

    • that's why coles deal 36G for 365 days cheaper than Kogan deal for small plan…

  • -1

    Personally, I think 365 days is too long to commit to given how cut throat the MVNO scene is in Australia.

    I wouldn't commit to more than 90 days as what seems the best deal right now may not be so in 6 months time.

    There is also a potential 'counterparty risk' if the MVNO goes out of of business or their network partner terminates their partnership during the year (which has happened with Kogan before during their previous life as a Telstra reseller).

    • +2

      That's fair but I've been with Kogan for two of the 365 day SIMs, and various family members the same.

      At no point have I felt like it was a bad decision, and twice Kogan have increased the data allowance for existing customers.

      • +2

        Kogan is by far the best MVNO at looking after its existing customers.
        No other operator even comes close.

  • +1

    If I am already currently on a Coles prepaid SIM, would I need to activate this new $180 Sim and port my number across again? Or can I just recharge my current Sim?


  • Is this expired?