Planning to Buy a Laptop Online (TRS)

Good day!

I am in need of a laptop and i have been seeing a lot of deals on website. Just wondering what are your thoughts on this laptop.

I would only use it for normal day to day use. Browsing the internet, playing music,watching videos, maybe a little bit of photoshop, a litlle bit of gaming(starcraft, counterstrike, pubg)

My budget would be around 1k to 1.4k.

And also i will be travelling overseas next month. Are purchases done online, example; ebay or still elegible for the tourust refund scheme? I have read somewhere that the rules have changed.

Thanks in advance.


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    You can claim TRS on any product (except booze and tobacco_ so long as you are the one purchasing the item and you have the original tax invoice showing that you are the purchase and the GST paid on the laptop.

    As for the laptop, I'd probably go for the Dell G3 if you want to play games on it, and it's still within your budget of $1.4k. Pick the GTX 1050 Ti as the minimum. Review by Linus Tech Tips

    The AMD RadeonĀ® 530 Graphics is very entry level and is at best just a display adapter and for accelerating 2d applications, not really for gaming.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I saw this on the TRS website.

    " What can't be claimed?

    A refund will not be paid on the following goods and services:


    goods purchased over the Internet and imported into Australia" orders i believe are shipped from new zealand or malaysia?

    Would that make it not elegible for the refund?

    And will also look into the laptop that you recomended and will get back to you


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      It depends on what is printed on the invoice.

      I don't think there will be a Malaysian address on it, rather it will have a Dell ABN and Dell Australia as the sender and seller, just like most things you buy from regular computer stores. and if so it won't pose an issue for lodging TRS

      You can ask Dell customer services if you are not sure.


      Basically if you didn't pay GST in the first place, you can't claim it back, obviously. If you have a valid Tax Invoice with your name and address you should have no problems.

      That's all that's there for. You're going to be paying GST from Dell, so you can claim it back.

      Note that if you bring the laptop back into the country, and the total of the goods you're bringing back that you claimed are 'still' valued at over $900 (or $1800 if travelling as a family/couple) then you have to pay the GST back on the full amount technically.


    I'm also looking for a new laptop for my missus and found a pretty good deal on a Dell inspiron 13 5000 at ebay's microsoft store. The problem is I'm a bit afraid of the store being legit and not sure they provide an invoice with abn. I've contacted them yesterday but haven't heard back from them yet.


    Would you recommend this site? This is australian based and owned right?

    And which specs suits my needs? Thanks.


    Are you bringing it back into the country? Be careful that you might get checked at customs to pay the GST back. It has happened before with my friends and was in particular laptops. The only way we circumvented it was the traveler that got the TRS gave the over $1k item to a travel buddy to bring back into the country.

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