New Front Brake Disks and Rotors Renault RS265 Megane

Hi to all the car experts. Before you all go on about the car itself. Being Euro and French.

I need help on my Renault RS265 Megane. The last time it was serviced the mechanic advised that I should get the front disks and pads done. They said it was borderline and you may be able to make it last a bit longer. Anyway I didn't get them replaced. They have been ok, but suppose I should now get them done.

When they checked it last time the brake disc thickness front were 26.3 and rear 10.3. Have no idea whether that is good or bad.

I asked for a quote last time and it was $374 for pads - Brembo, $914 for the disks(340 dia vented). Labour $130 =$1418. This was a euro mechanic

On a side note about the car. Great as a second hand weekend driver.

Went to another car and brake place and they said they needed to take it up on the hoist to see what disks and brakes are needed so couldn't get a quote.

Haven't even bothered with a dealer quote, but might try calling today.

Do you think I would get a better quote from say a brake specialist. Have sometime this week to get them looked at for quotes.

The question is does anyone actually know if those thicknesses for front actaully triggers requirements for new disks. Pads I can understand, but mine have always squeaked and I have noticed no difference in my braking power. No trackwork.

I am not handy.



    min thickness normally marked on the discs (or google-able)


      Ahh so you do have to take the wheels off to check the min thickness. Tried googling Couldn't find anything specific on those disks.


    Sounds about right. Brembo pads are expensive but they're not carbon ceramic so many other aftermarket options with similar grade of product.

    As for the rotors, price is also about there for a cross drilled ventilated.

    I wouldn't be taking my car to the mechanic who needs a hoist to check what brakes your car has as it sounds like the standard kit (unless you aftermarketed a bigger Brembo kit). You can eyeball if it is the same as every other RS265.


      I had been looking at getting DBA disk from OS. Would a mechanic or other brake shop fit them if I supply the rotors and pads. Would be the only way I could really make a saving. Don't think they would option out alternatives as assume they would just suggest the OEM ones.

      The Brembos were the standard for this model. Squeaky.


        I'm familiar with your car and anyone who has worked on the RS265 knows the Brembos (kinda the reason why you'd go that over the GTI).

        Brake pads, I've used better. Better braking power but more dust. I wasn't a fan of the OEM Brembo.

        As for rotors, be careful of the hole spacing, offsets and width. I'm sure you'll find a 1 to 1 replacement and the mechanic should have no problem swapping. If not, it's a small job anyway.


    When was your last change? My Honda Civic is one of the euro model and the pads & rotor needed changing every 40,000kms. With non Euro cars usually it last double that at least. But regardless though its always cheaper to just buy your own parts and then ask the mechanic to fit them in for you so you only pay the labour cost.


      Cars at 48k. No rotor change since new. Yeah was thinking the bring your own parts.


      My Honda Civic is one of the euro model and the pads & rotor needed changing every 40,000kms

      This is not true. Brake wear and tear is never based on Kms done. It depends on your driving habits and brake usage.


        I travel 40,000 km p.a and rarely touch the brakes. I drive a manual and all country driving. This would make this over servicing in my case.


        Second this.

        I just open my door and put my foot down to stop the car.

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    This is the list of brake disc and pad for Megane III RS

    or join for more info, plenty of helpful ppl over there


    Call a dealer anyway and they should be able to give you a price over the phone for supply and install. I had a similar issue with Ford and they ended up being the cheapest.


      Just called a dealer and they were essentially the same for the discs and pads. So unless I go non OEM looks like the pricing for OEM is all the same. Suspected as much as assume the non dealer mechanic would have to source OEM from Renault anyway. So then its labor as the difference.

      Thanks all.


    I think you should ask around for quotes, that price seems steep, especially for the brake pads. Im not sure if Brembo pads are any better than standard performance pads, but even if it is, it's still expensive.
    My Euro and German sedan had all brakes and pads replaced for 1600 - but they weren't brembos.
    I've always wanted a Megane RS as well.


      Test drive the new RS. I think being French is expensive.


        French and performance hatch is expected but still worth it.


      I had Brembo pads. I thought bedding them in, better fluids, pre-heating them will eventually make them perform but they never did.

      Can't remember what I'm using now but I liked it so much better, I bought 6. I'm on my last one.


      We had one of our Non-Euro vehicle's rear pads and discs replaced by an indie for $350. What makes Brembo better than other more inexpensive brands?


        Brembo better than other more inexpensive brands?

        Brembo is the Apple of brake components. I own a few Ducati bikes and they all run Brembo brakes and discs and pads are horrific in price to replace. A little over priced, but they are good.

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    Renault and $1418 for work on it, wouldn’t that make it an economic writeoff? Sorry, couldn’t resist… :P (calm down, neggers. It’s just a joke.)

    Labour sounds about right and the parts sound about right if they are using genuine parts.

    An alternative may be to get the discs machined instead of replaced, but they may be undersized and unable to be machined. A lot of Euro cars run relatively soft brake rotors. Up side is better braking performance, down side is excessive wear.

    And I would definitely seek a brake specialist. You won’t get genuine items, but you may get better quality components better to suited to driving to Australian conditions and driving styles.

    Edit: seems as thought the minimum thickness is 26mm, so your rotors will not cope with machining and will need to be replaced.

    Sparesbox have discs for the front @ under $500 for a pair made by DBA. Australian made brake rotors. Use them on all our vehicles and customer vehicles.

    Bosch Front brake pads come in at $50.

    Brembo front brake pads are about $120.

    This information is basic and I don’t know what level of pads and rotors they have quoted you on. I also offer this info as general in nature, so don’t order from these links until you confirm that they will suit your car.


      Pretty sure DBA switched manufacturing their normal road going discs to China, and only the higher end stuff (4000/5000 series) are still made here in Australia.

      RS265 Bremo Front Calipers are the same as used on the EVO X, so should have a huge range of pads available from people like


        I have no doubt that it has been moved to China. It’s just how it’s done these days. It doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there, just means that’s where they are manufactured.

        And yeah, I would have thought they would be floating discs and standard Brembo calipers. These would be fitted to a few different vehicles.

        I was more thing to point out the pat there certainly are a few other, cheaper options OP could look into.

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    1. try trw brakes website. Find your car and they will list scrap thickness for your rotors.

    2. Try race brakes Sydney for replacement, found them to be cheapest overall and have OE gear.

    3. If above too pricey order from OS, Ebay for example.

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