Flex jobs / Work From Home/Location Agnostic... What's the term in Aus?

Hi OzB brains trust,

Is there a term commonly used in Australia for jobs that can be done online/remotely? I spent some time googling and tried a few of the others as mentioned in the title but only found a handful?

Remote as a term seems to be for remote mining/education/nursing.

Alternative question, what's the best website for location agnostic programming jobs?

Context: My old man has been out of work for a while after closing his own business, due to some health issues a regular in office 9-5 is not very doable. Ideally it'd be a job he could do remotely from home over the net (we are fortunate that we have FTTP NBN).

He's a long term experienced C programmer/VBA wizard/plenty of bits and pieces so I thought it'd be easy to find some remote jobs on seek but all of them seem to be location specific.




    isn't there that site thats like airtasker but for programming jobs?


      There is but I think OP wants something more stable/long-term. But they should definitely look into this for the time-being.


      Ok I feel a bit daft, what site?


        Freelancer.com is likely the best fit, but it is contract work, and not highly paid.
        If he wants permanent, the typical way I have seen is via normal job ads on seek etc. where the advert mentions benefits like work from home or location:flexible.

        Most employers of permanent staff will want them to face-to-face at least sometimes, for occasional meetings etc. if he needs 100% telework likely contracting is the best bet.
        Some IT contracting agencies will work with teleworkers. Maybe Peoplebank or Greythorn? They would at least be able to have a chat over the phone and set him in the right direction.

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    Term I've used/heard used most commonly is just "working from home" to be honest, though that's also used in the context of a sometimes thing.



      Yeah I think that term is pretty horrible but it's what I came across, funnily enough it hasn't stuck in Australia. whodathunkit?

      Working from home had the most hits, but still they're more like "possible to work a day or two from home"

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        Unfortunately (in my experience) very few jobs are pure work from home, and even those that are start out as normal positions which then get extended working from home benefits once the person is sufficiently experienced in the company/known to managers etc.

        Credit to supasaiyan above, but your dad might be better off finding work off freelancer.com/upwork/peopleperhour for the time being, maybe make connections with bigger employers on there (don't know if that's even possible - but it's a way to prove his skills without first working in the office) and going from there.


    Try these.



    They aren't Australian but isn't that the point?

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    He’s probably best applying through the regular channels and then chatting to them about how things could work given his health issues etc.

    For many companies including the one I work for, most teams are flexible and let you work remotely but would want you in the office maybe 1 or 2 days a fortnight for example.

    Some things are just easier face to face.