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Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi E27 Colour Bulb $29 @ Kmart


Good entry into the smart home world. What's your colour? Krikys, what's mine? O.o

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  • This is normal/usual price. I bought some towards end of last year for the exact same price.

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      Correct, gotta review for people sitting on the fence?

      • Few things to note about the bulb and the APP:
        The mirabella genio app is crap. You can alternatively install smart life app or tuya app. The electronics are based on tuya, and ultimately connect through tuya portal/gateway anyway. I personally prefer tuya (smart life looks identical).
        Big disappointment for me is that there is no android widget to turn on/off (toggle) the lights from your android homescreen. I have another bulb (bought from amazon) which is also tuya based, but it is recognised as a 'smart device' on the tuya/smartlife app and there is a corresponding compatible widget to turn that bulb on/off from android home screen.
        After connected to tuya, you can then enable tuya skill (or was it smart life skill?) on Alexa, and then make Alexa discover devices to control the lights from Alexa.


          Cheers, also works a treat with Google home assistant

          • @DisabledUser120155: Things to note about the bulb:
            Trying different colors is REALLY fun for a good few minutes, then you get over it and never change it back.
            When you dim lights, they hardly do anything, unless you go to extremes (less than 10% brightness settings).
            Works reasonably fast through Alexa
            Needs Wifi 2.4Ghz to connect, not compatible with wifi 5Ghz.

        • If it's based on tuya, did that mean we can add it to Home assistant using the tuya component?
          I assume it's unable to be delinked from the cloud though…

  • I got the white one for $15. I believe that's the standard price. Setup was easy. Works well with google home. I am also able to get google home to set the brightness.
    Also, installed one in my front porch and wanted to integrate it with a motion sensor. Later realised I had my ring door bell which had motion sensor. Used IFTTT to integrate ring and bulb together to switch on bulb when there is motion at my front door. Works like a charm and feel proud of what I was able to achieve πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    • I was on the fence for buying a ring, this is the perfect use for me I hadn't thought of… Thanks

    • Is your ring doorbell hard wired ? If not how long the battery lasts with the motion sensor on ? Which ring doorbell you have ?

      • I have the first gen ring. It’s battery powered. I have had to charge it once every couple months, around 5-6 times in the last 1 year, but my motion settings was set to high and every passing car would trigger it. Since integrating the bulb I have set it to low and hope the battery lasts longer. I am not too fussed though cause unlike the battery cameras it’s relatively easier to charge the battery. Ring sends you an email when the battery is low. I just take it out that night(2 screws at the bottom), leave it charging overnight and put it back up in the morning.
        I have only had it for just over a year now, so not sure how long the battery really lasts - hope this helps, sorry for digressing from the original topic.

  • Does the colour globe change to music beats?
    I have two of the Edison screw in plain white and they work well with google and Alexa,I tried the bayonet types and they just wouldn't link or set up? So took them back for a refund. Anyone had luck with Bayonet type?

  • Is normal price also a deal??? :O

    • If it's a good price then yeah sure why not?


      No deal really, just a better price point than Lifx and Philips Hue, which I have both. Lifx has great saturation, Philips Hue has great accessories, and these Genio bulbs have a great price point… Consider this a community service announcement… Sorry couldn't find a community forum, so I posted to Ozbargain instead… Enjoy if these suit your wallet/purse

      • Yeah I had no idea these even existed, been looking for more reasons to use my 3 Google home devices other than to stream music and listen to the occasional podcast here and there. Do these work fine with the assistant? And the Google home app?

        Definitely a good way to see if it's worth your money or just a gimmick at 29, if I enjoy it I'll upgrade to a Hue or Lifx.


          Absolutely - Google assistant and Google home app

          If you want yet another reason, Bunnings have a Brilliant smart plug to intergrate as well… Again at a great price point…

          These took me by surprise too… Had to share, even if I only helped out only 1 Ozbargainer… Worth it 😁

  • I have both the colour and white ones hooked up to google. As previously said the colour is good for a few mins then that's it. Colours don't change to the beat of music. Integrates well with google. I would say get the white one and forget the colour ones. Also the white light (from the coloured bulbs) is too bright for a night IMHO at minimum brightness.

  • I bought the $25 tunable bulb recently, and I think it's important to note that Mirabella considers the temp scale as warm>cool>daylight, whereas Alexa considers the scale as warm>daylight>cool. So don't expect the whitest of whites when you buy the $15 cool whites! The bulbs themselves seem to be of a decent quality.

  • Not a bargain, just the regular price.

    I'll also add that they're only 800 Lumens (not bright enough for a single ceiling light) and with an E27 fitting, it's just another smart bulb, like all the hundreds of others - but these do come in a B22 fitting also.

    Conclusion - perfect for a lamp or small room. If you don't want colour, their white ones (cool, warm and adjustable colour temp available) are $15-25.

    • I have one of these and two of the non-colour and all are well and truly bright enough for a single ceiling light.

      • I agree. We are using a white dimmable globe as a single light and have it dimmed the majority of the time as it is plenty bright enough.

  • pfft…my sockets are not screw-in types :(

  • I'm now wondering how bright these are. I have no other LED bulbs to compare to. But in my loungeroom I have a very small fluro twisty type and i need more brightness. Prefer overkill but dim-able if possible. I don't care about colours. Any ideas ? thanks

    • Check the specs on your fluoro lamp, find the wattage and lumens.

      Your eyes automatically adjust "exposure" when illumination is increased, so double the lumens will not double the perceived brightness.

      Your perception of "brightness" is actually set by contrast or difference rather than any absolute level. So, when there is a single centre light in a room there is almost even illumination and your eyes then set that as "default" reference level. That's important because the only differences of illumination are shadows, which get perceived as "dark".

      So, if you want to see "more brightness" you need to lower the ambient (largest area of the room) light level " rather than increase it. Then add an ADDITIONAL light which is smaller and brighter - you will deem this as "brighter"!

      If you use the exact same illumination scheme and add more lumens, then your eyes simply readjust and you will not notice any increase. In order to appear brighter" you need to make the dark areas darker! I hope that helps and makes sense.

      • Ok, thanks. So just to be sure, in order to be able to see a little clearer at the dinning table I need to make it darker in other parts of the room?