Reconditioned Lenovo- either of these worth it?

Hi again, it is the poor uni student again. I found these two laptops and l am looking for some advice on whether they are a good deal or not?

es this one sound good for $399? From Manly computers online
Lenovo X1 carbon
Intel Core i5-3427U 1.8GHz (TurboBoost up to 2.8 GHz) | 4GB RAM | 180GB SSD | 14" @ 1600 x 900 (HD+) | Intel HD 4000 Graphics | Card Reader | 1 x USB 3.0 | 1 x USB 2.0 | 1 x DisplayPort | Backlit Keyboard | Webcam | 3G | Bluetooth 4.0 | Windows 10 Pro
I know there was mention about the long term heat damage with the x1 does that mean the fan would be going all the time? That is what my HP does at the moment and it gets really hot all the time.

Or this one?

Lenovo ThinkPad T440p



Intel Core i5-4300M 2.60Ghz | 8GB Ram | 240GB SSD Drive | 14.1" Screen | Bluetooth

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro

1 Year Warranty

Brand New SSD Hard Drive

I do not know which one to pick, if either of them. But l have always wanted a backlit keyboard so l an leaning toward the X1 but l worry about the fan running all the time if it over heats. The T440 does have a new SSS so l wouldn't have to get a new one installed.
Arrrgh l can't decide, please help!



    I'm biased towards the nigh on indestructible Thinkpads.
    Better specs for only $50 more too.

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    Both of those are more than 5 years old and expensive.

    Those generation X1 Carbons are notorious for inbuilt graphics issues that requires motherboard replacement ($$$).

    Check out Graysonline ebay store and/or wait for a 10-20% off ebay coupon for some decent modern refurbs.

    I picked up a <12 month old refurbished (with 1 year warranty) Lenovo ideapad with Ryzen 2700U, 8gb memory, 240GB NVME, 13.3 inch 1080p screen for $559


    T440 has a terrible trackpad - it is absolutely horrendous. The X1 you've listed does, as well. Go with Zeggie's recommendation - the newer gen Lenovos are so much better in quality.

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    Echoing zeggie, wait a bit more for an ebay coupon and get something from grays.
    These look good to me: ThinkPad E485, Ideapad 520, lastly.. this one is suspiciously cheap Ideapad 130


      The Ideapad 130 is super cheap because it has one of the worse screens I've seen on a laptop the past decade. Brightness is low, contrast is terrible, reflections are terrible, low resolution on 15.6 means very obvious pixels. You really need FHD at that size.

      Also that laptop is a tank, it's enormous and over 2kg, but if it sits on a desk 24/7 this won't be a major concern.


    the X1 with 4Gb is a terrible performer when it comes to Windows 10. It starts out fine, but after a few 'patch Tuesday' updates the thing starts to grind.
    I really like the hardware, but it's just a fancy (if sometime slow) web browser and Word device.

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    Thank you so much for all your advice. I really appreciate it. I will look at eBay greys and wait for sale.


    Do not buy an X1 Carbon. It is nice that they are so light and thin, but you pay for it in a chassis that overheats. They are not reliable

    The T440 has a … less popular trackpad without physical buttons. try get a T450

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