Suitcase Deals

any good deal for a suitcase set for a good brand like Samsonite?



    If you have a costco membership they usually have some good deals

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    yeah here:
    If you see little search box on top right corner and type Samsonite.


    David Jones has technum American tourister 68cm ones for $143 in silver. I like it because polycarbonate and the dimensions add up to 140cm exactly.

    If you can find them in stock.
    Pricehispter shows that price, but DJ website does not. But if you call the sale is on until E/Jan

    I know because I bought one on Sunday from dj paramatta.

    Macquarie Park had none. I think castle towers had a black one - which is a bit more expensive.

    The normal price is $159 from online shops.

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    Carry on? Medium sized? Large? Extra large? Spinner or two wheels? Hard shell or soft? Top of the range or a cheaper model? Too many variables to answer you properly!

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