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Heineken 650ml, Corona 710ml, Sol 650ml $3ea @ BWS (Nationwide Ex QLD, $4 NT)



Cheap Cheap!!
Only checked few NSW stores and they are showing $3 each. Some have stock some don't. YMMV.
Also, case of 12 bottles for $30 for selected states.

Note: Website is increasing the price when more than 1 bottle is added to cart. You may only be able to purchase 1 bottle at $3 online.

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    Confirmed for VIC. Also $30 for a box of 12 of them too.

  • Heineken and Corona not in QLD. Case of 12 SOL for $30 though.

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    Heineken is National (ex QLD)
    Sol is National (ex WA/TAS)
    Corona is NSW/VIC/WA only

  • Corona available at my local in nsw. Add 6 from 10 available and it charges me $40?

    • Getting the same here. Tried different browsers too.

      Also says spend $20 for free delivery and when it adds it all up it says spend $28 for free delivery (12 Heineken at $72).

      Maybe the system isn’t working yet.

      • I can't even order 1

        • Price is correct for 1 only. When I add more than 1 it jumps in price to the old price.

          I did get an offer with a single corona for $3 + a free Heineken 0.0

          Is this limited to 1 per person?

  • Sol and Heineken are $3/ea at my local in Sth Australia. Corona normal price.

  • When I add more than 1 bottle of corona it calculates it as the 2 for $13 deal and not the $3 unit price. No Heineken at my local but I can get a dozen sol which is the only one of the 3 beers I haven't tried before.

  • So in the spirit of Ozbargain, I made multiple separate orders (10 to be exact) for the $3 Corona 710mL bottles + FREE Heineken Non Alcoholic Lager Bottles 330mL which you are offered per purchase.

    Ends up costing $30.00 for the same volume of beer as you'd get in a 24 pack slab but for $20 cheaper and 10 free non alco bottles.
    Downside is I'll have to make a stop at 3 different BWS stores as stock was limited. Fun times :)

    • How did you get the free non alcahol lager? It showing unavailable for me?

      Also anyone know what expiry date of corona and hieneken?

      Also couldn't get 12 for $30 to work in nsw? Is nsw excluded?

  • Cheers OP, I ordered 10 Coronas, and lumped the 4 pack of Pimms on my order for the mrs for an extra $10. All up costed $40 with a free Heineken 0.0%. Not bad considering the Pimms 4 pack is usually $20 at Dans ($16 this month due to member's deal).

  • Thanks got 6 corona for $18, ready for pickup. These were $2 each a few months ago so not quite as good but not bad at all.

  • Was thinking of ordering some Heineken from a nearby store as my local doesn't have stock but is showing full price now.

  • guys got the wife to do this for me and it's showing on the bill as 65$ instead of 30 any idea who to get it sorted is odd in the description it shows as $3 a beer…

  • Just put through an order for 6 corona's from my local the order total was calculated correctly unlike earlier when I tried.

  • Awesome deal, cheaper than a stubbie! Just cleaned out my local BWS.

  • Great Post. Just picked up 3 cases of Sol for $90. Boom!!!

  • I'm getting beer belly drinking all the ozbargain beer specials … freaking me out :)

  • Thenks OP I picked up 12pk Sol $30 and got a free heineken 0.0% for the (breastfeeding) missus. Just signed up to thank you guys for some recent, mostly alcohol related bargains!

    • I know they are not as good as Tuborg and Tiger that we used to drink back in Nepal. But drinkable…

  • Good times.

  • Boys had a word to BWS online and the stores basically if the order comes in at 65 they will refund i ended up having them put aside the sol 12 pack for $30 so have 20 Heineken and 2 of the 12 packs of sol waiting for me all for $120 should go well wit the 3 cartons of stella i ordered from boozebud thats on it's way.

  • Get on it boyz

  • Confirmed for WA, a free Heineken 0.0 for every Heineken Lager 650mL. Just cleaned out the local store.
    A bit embarrassed to what I've become because I just did 18 separate transaction so I can get 18 free Heineken 0.0% bottle.

    • Awh man! I just bought a few from Subiaco and wasn't offered any freebies.

      • Not all the BWS stores had the Heineken O.O.
        I checked all the stores near my place and they had some at Bassendean BWS.
        Now I'm branded as the Heineken guy at Bassendean because I had to signed for each orders. Hahaha. But free case of Beers so it's still a win.

  • QLD misses out as usual

  • Anyone else think Corona is mexican cat piss?

    • Yep, cheap beer from a cheap country, but (normally) expensive here! Drinkers have to chuck a slice of lime in the neck of the bottle to hide the horrible taste!

    • Didn't like the Corona, give me a bad after taste :(

      Really want to try out Sol but I've heard they've similar to Corona.

  • Great deal!
    I rarely buy average beer anymore though. Now I drink less and better.
    Those Heinys are probably UK or China brewed… big difference compared to the cans fully imported from Holland.

  • You would have to pay me to drink Corona…they conned Gen X and Y with their marketing.Aussie beers are just so much better.

  • (foreigner here)- Why is QLD excluded?

  • Just downed my first carton time to start the second

  • Just did a walk in kangaroo flat stor got 6 Carona sand 6 Heineken
    $36 total

  • corona is $7each in sa

  • Thanks cleaned out my local BWS of Heineken and Corona!!

  • Best deal all year! Thanks op

  • I ordered 6 Heineken and the free Heineken Alcohol Free (not too bad actually) from my local store for the $18.

    When I went to pick them up the girl apologised and said they only had 2 bottles (website was saying 26 when I ordered) and her boss said to fix up a refund for me.

    So, short story long, I paid $18 for the 6 bottles but since they only had two I received a $21.90 refund for the 4 bottles they couldn't provide.

    I guess the refund was processed at the full price.

    I questioned her about the refund amount twice but she was insistent that was the only way she could process it.

    I would have preferred the 6 bottles I ordered but them paying me $3.90 to take two bottles is the true OzBargain way I guess.

  • I don't mean to promote binge drinking but I bought a 12 pack of Heineken with a best before date of January 2019.
    I also ordered and paid for 10 Coronas but then I got a call saying that they were out of date and they couldn't sell them and they had to be sent back.
    What best before dates have others got?

  • Picked up some $3 long neck Heinekens from my local here in SA. Great price.

    Thanks OP.

  • Got 12x Heineken plus 12 freebies at SA with 6c Cashrewards each, thanks OP :)
    All this clicking made me dizzy…
    They called me from the shop about 12 separate orders :)

  • i got some corona's with BB 04/18 but it looks 18 has been converted to 19 by rubbing. anyone else?


  • Got the last dozen of heineken for $30 from our local bws @ blacktown. I had to ask the store person as they have a different price tag on the fridge shelf.

  • Picked up 6, Best Before are November 2018. Gees they are getting on a bit in age.

  • Was just at Liquorland at Brighton VIC - Bay St. Slab of Corona 375Ml long necks $49 with free 750ml Stainless steel bottle with Carona branding. Ok so the bottle wasn't really free as I think for the price for the beer is $1 of the price per bottle at moment.

  • Ordered 12 bottles of the Corona (my store showing 69 in stock - hahaha 69).
    Got a phone call 10- minutes later to say stock is incorrect & won't be in today :(
    Will still get it though just gotta wait for the next delivery.

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