Arlo Pro Issue - Choppy Video and Audio

Anyone owns an Arlo and having choppy video and audio while live streaming or when using the live microphone?

Been having this issue for many months now since a firmware update and seems like there are plenty of posts online regarding this issue. Also seems like there is no fix coming since Arlo has been pointing fingers at the Owners' internet connection instead.

Wondering if could return it to place of purchase under ACL since the product no longer works as intended.



    Is your wifi signal strong enough? Try switching the channel of the wifi to a free channel that no one else uses. How many devices do you have on the network? Also, try and set up a QOS and dedicate it to the Arlo Hub. See if that fixes the issue.

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    What type of Internet connection do you have? Hopefully NBN as ADSL won't provide the necessary upload bandwidth. As such you can't claim ACL for a refund.


    I have had the Arlo and now have Arlo Pro 2 system and if it’s choppy, it’s more than likely an upload issue where you don’t have enough speed to keep up with it when live.

    I have found that if there are issues with the system is to reboot the main hub and putting fresh batteries in the cameras.

    Or like @NoUsername suggested, you may have too much load on your modem/router and a QOS tweak to put more effort into prioritising the Arlo system might be needed.


      Thanks, will try the QOS tweak first. Just baffled everything was working smoothly till the firmware updates.


    btw, Facetime/Whataspp video and every other Internet things works fine as well.

    Not sure if I can do much with the Huawei HG659 modem too:(

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