Unlocking Telstra Oppo AX5

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for unlocking service for Telstra Oppo AX5 (https://www.bigw.com.au/product/telstra-oppo-ax5-blue/p/8110...). I am aware that telstra can do that for $80. I did try to search but can not find any reliable unlocking service.

Also, Has anyone tried Belong/Aldi mobile sim on this phone? (they both use telstra network)

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, I use Boost in one and it works perfectly. If you have worked something out, let me know because I would like to do the same.

    • Sure.. will update. hows oppo ax5 compare to iphone 6?

      • Look I am very happy with it. 3gb ram 64gb memory. Quite fast and takes reasonable
        photos. For $300.

  • You can try contacting Mobile Mania in Toongabbie. They do in-store unlocks for various models for $40, or ~$15 with their eBay listings (but no AX5 listed).

    Telstra unlock fee reduces to $25 after 6 months and $0 after 2 years, so probably easiest to hang on for 6 months.

  • telstra locked phone won't work on Aldi, but I think it does on Belong