Flashing Asus AMD AM4 Motherboard

so i bought built a computer recently and it did not work after building it. it says no signal on my monitor. so i suspect that it is the bios which is not up to date. unfortunately i did not ask shopping express to flash my mobo before delivering it and now i have to flash it myself but im not sure what cpu to use (or where to buy) since i dont want to spend too much on it. i called up msy and cpl and they wanted to charge $30 and $50 respectively just to flash it. so i emailed shopping express and ask if their motherboard bios is up to date and they are yet to reply.
so TLDR does anyone of you know a cheap method to flash the motherboard to support 2nd gen ryzen?


  • I’d pay the store to flash it for you
    They stuff it they replace it but I’m sure they’d have a clause to prevent this
    Alternatively could post a local ad on gumtree or Facebook market place and some helpful person may have a bios update firmware available

    Just as a side note you’re using a proper video card with the board as I’m sure the ryzen boards had hdmi outputs but the CPU didn’t support that output and you needed a dedicated card

    • ^ This…

      Intel would never do this! However, I admit that the warranty process for Intel is quite smooth as well. lol

    • I recently bought a motherboard from a guy on Gumtree who said he couldn't get it to work with 2nd gen Ryzen because of BIOS.

      I went through the AMD loan boot kit process, and after about a week received the following response:

      Thank you for your request to loan a boot kit from AMD.
      Before approving your request, I would like to verify that you have tried to contact your motherboard manufacturer or their local authorized service provider, and they have established that your motherboard requires a BIOS update, and were not able to help you perform that update.
      Please provide a summary or copy of your communication with the motherboard manufacturer to indicate why support from the Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is not suitable.
      AMD is in position to be able to provide a short-term loan of a Boot kit, such that you can Flash the BIOS yourself.

      I'm not really sure why the guy I bought it off couldn't get it to work, but it booted fine for me with a 2nd gen CPU, and had quite a recent BIOS on it anyway - so I didn't end up going through the process of getting the loan kit.

      If you still think it's a BIOS issue as opposed to a regular DOA, I'd start gathering the above info - but from what I understand, you'd have to receive very old stock to not have it have version of BIOS that supports 2nd gen.

      Out of curiosity, what chipset is your motherboard?

  • have you tried taking the gpu out and re-seating it? I had to do that when I built mine cos of the same no signal issue

  • Could flash using USB EEPROM/Flash programmer. The basic CH341A programmer + adapter clip to go on the bios chip is around $20 bux.


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvLaLdRB-Dg is a good video on how to do it.
    Honestly Id pay the 30 bucks at MSY save the hassle. Maybe shop around a few stores.

  • i called up msy and cpl and they wanted to charge $30 and $50 respectively just to flash it.

    $30 is less than how much any other method would cost you, with a fraction of the risk.

  • thanks guys just so u know shopping express helped me solve the problem. they provided me with free shipping to send the mobo back to them and have it updated and send it back to me. however i must say the process took a while. whereas for amd, their A7 chip arrived the next working day after my request was being confirmed. thank you all for your help. and here is my opinion on the issue

    always check the bios before buying the mobo. ask the seller to update it before sending if possible
    sending back the mother board is a choice but the process takes longer than requesting a chip from amd
    but if u r not confident abt your flashing skills its better to wait longer if u want to save the $30-$50