PlayStation VR next on sale

Hey guys

I didn’t buy the PlayStation VR when on sale prior to Xmas as I thought there would be good deals afterwards but now am getting desperate as I need one for my eldest sons birthday. Has anyone seen any deals?


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    Lemme grab my crystal ball, brb…

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    Not a lot happens with Playstation sales in the first half of the year. There might be an Easter sale but it's most likely you'll be waiting until end of financial / stocktake around June/July.

    There's also still a national shortage of PS4 systems which is why PS4 consoles are so high in price at the moment and that's probably also going to reflect on VR prices for awhile

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      Yeah I heard they sold super well due to the christmas break, checking Amazon the Pro is sitting at $612.95, crazy.

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    Maybe prime day? or possibly a 10 percent off sale which can be comboed with some sort of EB Games sale or similar. I hear theres a manager sale at eb tomorrow? Though no idea if there is anything on the PSVR.

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    I need to buy some Move controllers, they seem to be sold out everywhere or super expensive…..