expired [Switch] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition US $26.39 (~AU $36) & Other Games on Sale @ Nintendo US eShop


NOTE: These are US prices, and you will need a US Nintendo account.
You will need to purchase US Eshop cards unless you have a credit card accepted by Nintendo US.
This sale closes at 4:00am 11-Jan-2019.

The US Nintendo EShop Nintendo is having a sale on digital games.
Nintendo New Year's Digital Sale

Here is a list of some of the discounts. Before purchase, check with Australian physical and digital stores to see if the prices are good.
Nintendo eShop New Year’s Sale Discounts

I was primarily interested in Rabbids Gold edition which is $26US (~$36AUD).
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition

Keep in mind that you are purchasing a US version of the game, this will affect DLC and multiplayer.

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  • -1 vote

    Is this any different to the existing sale and posts about this?

    • +2 votes

      Same sale but in different region store and possibly different price.

    • +1 vote

      This is the gold edition, which includes all the DLC.
      The AU sale does not include the DLC, which is about $30AUD and has never been on sale.


    If I have eshop credit on my Australian account, can I use it to buy stuff from the US Nintendo store ?

    I've already researched how to create a us account so I'm thinking of doing it. Missed out on the previous Mario Rabbids deal on Amazon


    Some games have cheapest price in South Africa and mexico, for example hollow knight.
    However, it is hard for Australian users to change to these two regions for purchasing games.


    Where would be the cheapest place online to buy US EShop cards?

  • +1 vote

    It really irks me that large corporates geo tag folks, forcing them to pay more for software, obviously one would factor in exchange rate based on relevant local currency, but once that’s been accounted for digita, and downloadable software should be the same price everywhere. Of course, I understand that they pander to certain markets, etc, but it’s just aggravating that we get gouged just because we live in a certain location.

    Sigh, that’s my rant over. Not much I can do about it, so I’ll just continue shouting at the sky.


      Depends. Like whether they have local servers and all that jazz. Electricity would cost more here. Hosting costs more. But generally speaking it’s bs.


      There's other reasons, tax, international trade agreements, ratings boards, localisation.


    I have been buying the eshop card from g2a ebay. The 35usd cards seem best value for aud. Best done with discounted ebay vouchers during a percentage off sale.

    Fyi, most games are cheaper on us eshop when there is a sale on compared with au.