High Cadmium Levels in Cacao Powder and Nibs from Ecuador and Peru

Does anyone here eat Aldi's Oh So Natural or Woolworths' Macro cacao powder/nibs, which come from Ecuador and Peru? There is research showing that some growing regions in these countries have high levels of cadmium in the soil, which makes its way into the powder and nibs at toxic levels - e.g. higher than EU standards.


Does anyone know if Aldi and Woolworths (or their suppliers) do any testing of their products?

Do you buy cacao powder/nibs elsewhere (and how much does it cost/100g)?

Woolworths response:
"Please advise customer that product is organic and tested for pesticide residue and heavy metals.

Cadmium is a heavy metal and is within prescribed limits of the food standards code. Hope this helps”

Aldi response:
Aldi provided good detail in their verbal reply, which is within the right bounds; the customer service person said she would email me what she told me verbally but I haven't received it yet.


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