Older Flagship Vs. Newer Mid-Range

I'm tossing up between a Google Pixel XL for $400 vs. a Nokia 6.1 Plus for $300.


While the Pixel came out in 2016 it's still got some pretty impressive specs.
I'm not too worried about software support ending soon as I run custom ROMs on my devices once official support ends.

Not really a power user (no gaming etc) but mostly concerned about future-proofing (I tend to keep my devices for quite a while).
The dual SIM on the Nokia is attractive as I travel overseas quite a bit, however, I noticed that Nokia have recently made it more difficult to unlock boot loader which will hamper developer (custom ROM) support.

Has anybody actually used both of these phones, is an older Pixel at a $100 premium the smarter buy?



  • Hey mate i have had the same question when choosing my last phone. For me it came down the camera and audio quality which may or may not matter to you. The pixel probably has a better camera overall. The newer line of mid range Snapdragon CPUs like the 636 and 660 are on par with the SD820/SD821 so performance is about the same you may get better battery life with the SD636.

    I think you can probably get more phone for your money. What about this Nokia 8 deal? It has a SD835 and 4GB of ram plus 64Gb of memory?

    • So what did you up getting? I am also kinda looking for a new phone and want some decent audio quality, aptX HD? Camera not that important.


    • Thanks for the advice.
      In the end I made the decision to go for the Pixel partly for the camera but primarily for long-term support by the developer community.
      I'm a big fan of Custom ROMs as they keep my devices ticking on the latest firmware for years after the makers have abandoned them.

      I currently have a Motorola Moto X Force which is still quite the performer, however, it is stuck on Android 7.0 with zero developer support.
      Previously I had a Xiaomi Mi4 which was fantastic but now Xiaomi lock their bootloaders and makes it VERY difficult to unlock (you have to ask for permission).
      Nokia have recently started making their bootloader unlock process much more difficult, apparently requiring you to go into a Nokia store (I don't think there are any in Brisbane).

      So I went for the Pixel which should provide me similar performance to the Nokia but should see me through the next few iterations of Android (even if Google decide to give up on it).

      I miss my Nexus 4 :)