To Those Who Got The Amazon Fortnite PS4 Pro Bundle

How has your PS4 been holding up? My console has been extremely loud since I got it. Playing through RDR2 at 4k sounded like I was standing under a jet engine. I was going to let it slide but recently the L2 Button on the controller has become super sensitive almost to the point of the controller being unusable.

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if they have sought a refund/warranty claim from Sony?

Cheers all

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    What did Sony say when you asked them?

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      They said they couldn't hear as there seemed to be a jet engine in the background.


      No, fk Sony. Amazon cs is way better.


    I've had my PS4 Pro for quite a while now, replacing a slim. Immediately noticed the increase fan noise over the slim, so I guess the GPU just creates that much more heat. Depends what game I'm playing…I don't notice it so much now, but maybe because it's summer and we usually have a fan running in the room anyway.

    The controllers seem mostly ok to me. I have one controller out of four that feels a bit odd (left stick). Not sure if that's down to wear, but I didn't think it had seen too much use. Haven't noticed any sensitivity issue though. I have a new one in a cupboard from one of the Amazon bargains anyway!

    Edit: I was going to add that I used to hear it a lot when I played through Horizon Zero Dawn, but not so much now. I realised though that it's probably because I'm using headphones a lot lately (almost always) - and I never did that with HZD! lol

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    I have the PS4 Pro from the amazon deal. No issues at all, the only time I actually noticed the whirring/spinup sounds is when the game is being installed from a CD or when a game is just being started up (and even then its not that loud).

    While playing I have never noticed any noise at all and I don't use headphones while gaming.


    I have the original 7002B (2016) and latest 7202B (2018) models and the 7002's fan is very loud compared to the whisper quiet 7202 on the same games.

    The fan on the 7002 runs at 60dB measured at the console, whereas the 7202 is no louder than background noise levels.


    make sure that your PS4 is having enough room to breathe. it helps the fan speed.


    Mine is sitting on top of a cabinet with no restriction to air flow and it's still loud!