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Lifeproof Fre Case for Samsung Galaxy S8+ $29 Delivered @ Telstra Online


Was looking for a cheap S8 Lifeproof case and came across this for the S8+ from the Telstra store, also available on their ebay page

No idea how many are in stock but ebay says more than 10 available and $29 delivered when retail is good!

I can't vouch for the product itself, mixed reviews - but that's always going to be the case (har har) when it comes to something that is meant to protect a $700+ device.

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    Good price, places still regularly sell this for 50+ dollars.


    Great timing! I missed out on this last time and managed to secure one today. Thank you.

    On another note, i'll be replacing a incipio case as I dropped my phone 3 stories down a stair shaft and it survived! The only damaged sustained was a chunk taken out of the outta casing of the case. No chipped screen or cracks in the phone itself. Maybe it was sheer fluke that it survived without damage, I dunno.

    I hope that this is better then the incipio it's replacing.

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      It's not… these are $5 from the factory wholesale in China. They also tend to allow the phone to slide around and the external case buttons stop working after a few months


        F&$K now I'm sad to hear that. Productreview.com.au seems to agree with you.

        Maybe I can recoup my money on eBay :(


    Still $29 too much! Unicorn beetle is where it's at