Anyone Know Where Can I Buy Lenovo Tablet Tab3 8 Plus TB-8703F Charging Port Replacement ??

anyone know where can i buy lenovo tablet tab3 8 plus TB-8703F charging port replacement ?? thanks


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    Try asking Lenovo or identifying their parts supplier via their website. Ebay can also be pretty good for finding replacement parts.

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    If it's just micro USB then you can either salvage it off any other device for basically free, or buy a replacement port on eBay for cheap. This is assuming you're willing, able and capable of soldering parts onto a board.

    If you're looking for the full motherboard/daughterboard so you don't have to solder, then you'll only be able to find it from another model secondhand. I doubt Lenovo is going to carry any parts. And it's usually not cost-effective compared to buying a brand new replacement tablet.

    If you're just trying to revive it to save data, you could always charge the battery from an external Lipo charger; however this is more dangerous.

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