eBay Search Page on iPad Is Woefully Painful. How Do I Change It?

Got an issue tonight on the iPad where I can no longer seem to get into what I would call "normal" or "classic" mode.

When ever I browse eBay on my iPad, I get this god awful layout where it forces me to pick a category when all I want to do is look at the section as a whole.

For example, I want to look at ALL motorcycle categories and just thumb through the listing and sort them by location or ending soonest, but I have to pick "Road Bikes". Then in the next section I have to pick "Honda" just to get to the view I want. If I then delete "Honda" in the search box, it reverts to the original "god awful" type search listing.

I have tried using the "filters" tab on the right, but it doesn’t work. I set up "list by xxxkm from postcode yyyy" and it just returns the same as current page. No changes, and I’m still getting results from Perth (I’m on the opposite side of Australia.)

This happens in every category I want to search through. Bicycle parts. Car Parts. Computer related stuff. Doesn’t matter, all of them have this hideous layout that forces me to pick one search item from only one category.

I just want to view whole sections without having to put a search term in, in the "classic" eBay search style page.

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    Download the official app?

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      It’s worse. Every page looks like the “god awful” version from within the app.


    Have you tried pressing the button on the bottom bar that is a square with an arrow coming out the top, scrolling to the right of the menu that comes up and selecting Request Desktop Site?

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      First thing I tried. It just reloads back to the horrible layout.

      On my PC it looks like a mix of both pages, but at least it works and the search modifiers are down the left side.

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    Use a desktop PC


    A couple of options, clear the cached data of the App, remove and reinstall.

    The other alternative is to go to ebay.com.au click on your browser settings and check the "Use Desktop Version"


      I don’t use the app, because it is abhorrent. So no cache to clear or app to reinstall.

      And as mentioned above, in my reply to Quantumcat, one of the first things I tried was the request desktop site. While on my Android based devices, this works correctly, on the iPad it makes no difference.

      I was just trying to see if there was a site setting I was missing or a button I didn’t see on the page. It may be that the code for the page is just broken.

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        try a different browser?
        It may load better on chrome or firefox for ipad


          Agreed. Firefox has Adobe Player built in, even if you don't have the drivers/app installed.


          Cheers, tried both of those. Neither made any difference. Went back and checked the PC and it’s the same issue. Even though it has the list of search options down the left, if I try to sort by anything, it just reverts back to the original page style…

          Because I am getting this issues across multiple PC’s, iPads and browsers, I am starting to think it may be my PiHole ad blocker that’s messing it up. Will buy pass that and see if that makes a difference.


    Switch to android

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