Motion Sickness When Using PS4 VR

Just wondering if anyone has been experiencing any motion sickness on the PS4 VR?

Used it for the first time last night with Farpoint and then again today with a driving game. Can only handle it for about 10 minutes before the motion sickness kicks in.

Any suggestions? Graphics are amazing but am disappointed that I might not be able to use it.


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    I use a HTC Vive and only experience motion sickness in games where I move in-game, but not in real life (Skyrim, Minecraft etc.). Games like Superhot & Beat Saber I can play all day and be fine. Something about that motion just messes with me.


      good links thanks

      As I have gotten older the motion sickness has really kicked in. When I scuba dive and snorkel the movement of the waves can get me crook.


    Might need an eye test? Can get it free at some Big W on medicare bulk bill.


    Have you tried games that are more straight forward (like Beat Saber) do you still get it? I have a feeling a lot of nause comes due to your ears apparently. Your eyes look like its moving but your ears feel like you're not or something? Anyways, I wonder if instead of using in ear headphones you change it up to something more open (like speakers on the tv) or maybe try the bone conduction headphones (I use aftershokz for music haven't tried for VR though) and maybe it will help?

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    I remember as a kid playing alien trilogy on the PlayStation. It was a great game but it gave me horrible motion sickness. Somebody warned be about the PS4 and VR causing this for some people.

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    It can take a while to build up your ‘VR legs’. I had the same issue when I first started. Couldn’t play longer than 20 minutes and suffered for hours afterwards. But I just played in small bursts until now I can play long stretches of time.

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    Don't push the visor all the way to your face, have it maybe 1-1.5cm out from where you normally have it. Yes you lose field of vision but your eyes can now focus on a horizon which is where motion sickness comes from.


    You should stop using it as soon as you experience any nausea which is going to be a short period at first.

    But keep going back to it ASAP and build your tolerance up.

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    Depends on the games. I if you play games with teleportation like this or this, you'll have absolutely no issues.
    The latter is the absolute best VR experience I've ever had by the way.
    Games with a lot of forward motion can affect people (including me). I never managed to build up a tolerance.


    Have a rift also Psvr no motion sickness but noticed it a bit when I played dirt rally and dcs on rift apart from that all good.

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