2019 Cable Internet from Optus

Yesterday, I had the Optus Cable internet cable installed at my house in 3168.
ASDL2+ from belong was horrifically slow and decided to move onto the Optus $70 cable internet plan after a year of suffering.

I've noticed that since installation, I've had multiple internet disconnection - ie, WiFi showing no internet connectivity.

This seems to be resolved only when the wireless router is turned off for about 30 seconds and then turned back on.

1) Has anyone else had this issue with frequent disconnection ?
2) Is it the equipment or the cabling or some other cause
3) anyway to reset the connection remotely

Thanks for any help on this.


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  • Is the issue related to your wifi? Have your tried connecting to your router with a cable when the internet has dropped out?

  • test wired connection using lan cable from laptop to modem see if any dropouts

    you cant remote access if no internet connections
    use timer switch to reset at scheduled times/intervals

  • Sounds like a hardware issue. Make sure your router has the latest firmware.

  • If it's cable internet and you're super close to the headend it could cause the signal to essentially be too strong.

    This happened to us and they had to install an attenuator. The only way to diagnose this however is through Optus.

  • I remember having the same issue with Optus cable, I just used their included modem+router as a standalone modem and bridged my own router. Seemed to fix any issues for me

  • I had cable optus for about 15 years, the node was right in front of my house, the signal was too strong, and would cut out often, an attenuator fixed the issue.

  • We had the exact same thing, was ready to switch to Telstra. But Optus remotely found some issues so tech came, connected to the wifi and saw the dropout issues, went outside, did God knows what, came back and installed a small thingy to the end of the cable that connects to the modem and the connection became stable.

    Then he said the routers they provide are very bad, so I decided to test and the wifi speed with Speedtest next to the router was +30Mbits and in the next room ~6Mbits. Unplugged the router and put my own router and now the internet is great throughout the house.

    Sucky thing for me is that I signed up to NBN 1.5 years ago but moved to new area recently where only cable was available. 2 weeks after the brand new cable was installed to my house through roof I get notification that NBN is ready in my area… But now they want $10 more per month if I "upgrade"… And I'm still within the original 24 month NBN contract.

    I'm going to enjoy the cable connection until they yank it out from my house :P

  • I have had more frequent drop outs on Telstra cable than when I was ADSL2, but not frequent enough to kick much of a fuss. Although it's been pretty flawless in the last year-ish.

  • Hi everyone, I thought I would close out this issue and provide an update.

    Optus sent out a technician who replaced the cable from the street into the house. This has now resolved the issue with the continual disconnection.

    I was impressed with the service I got, but admittedly, one needed to continually complain to get this rectified.

    So far so good. Now connected to faster internet and no dropouts.