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$1 Nespresso Coffee Machine with 12 Month Subscription ($40/ $50/ $60/ $65pm)


First post and it's not the best deal. I hope someone will find this useful so please be gentle…..

Similar to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/407592

There's 4 subscription plans available. The machine cost $1 and the 12 month subscription fee is converted into Nespresso credit for purchase of coffee and accessories.

Essenza Mini @ $40 per month (converted into $40 Nespresso Credit) $480 min spend over 12 months
Vertuo Plus @ $50 per month (converted into $50 Nespresso Credit) $600 min spend over 12 months
Vertuo Plus & Aeroccino3 @ $60pm (converted into $60 Nespresso Credit) $720 min spend over 12 months
Lattissima One @ $65 per month converted into $65 Nespresso Credit) $780 min spend over 12 months

A decent deal for those who is after one of these machines. The Nespresso Credit can be accumulated and you do not have to use up your credit every month. Any unused credit after 12months will be converted into capsules or accessories.

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    So minimum spend is 481…


    Should there be anything stopping us from doing this and selling the machine if we already happily use Nespresso pods (in a Creatista)?


      Not from what I can see, machine is yours, you're just committed to the cost each month.


      You will own the machine from day 1 of the start of your subscription and delivery of the machine to you.

      Sounds like a good present too? :p

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    I got this deal when it first started. I order coffee for work and easily use $65 per month (I could prob get multiple subs) so now I have a free machine. I prob do about $150 per month once everyone puts in.
    I like the idea of the Lattissima One, milk and coffee in one, but sadly it doesn't make coffee as I would expect.
    I normally drink flat whites and this machine will only do a small cap or a latte, which gives heaps of foam.
    I'm hoping they offer the Lattissima Touch later down the track where I can adjust the level of foam.
    So if you like small caps or heaps of foam this deal is great for the top level, otherwise I would prob go the Vertuo Plus with Aeroccinno, but I'm lazy.


      Had the lattissima touch before I bought a proper machine. Even though you can adjust the foam level a lot of people complain that even on the lowest setting it’s too foamy. I always had it set to lowest and found it’s still a lot foamier then when I froth milk manually.


    Back in my day, coffee machines and coffee were products not a subscription service.

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    Still extremely expensive, best to buy breville or make free coffee at work


    Note that the Virtuo Plus system is different from the "normal" Nespresso machine. Uses bar codes to set parameters, spins to extract (not as good as pressure and temp), and has its own more expensive pods - not compatible with third party pods afaik.


    If I choose the Vertuo machine can I use the credit to buy capsule products (as I have a capsule machine too)? i.e. is the credit restricted to your machine type selected or is it simply a credit for Nespresso as a company?

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      No, you are not restricted. Each month your account gets a credit. It's up to you how you use that credit.

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