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Samba Natural BBQ Fuel 4kg $5 @ Woolworths


50% off regular price - $5 for 4kg of BBQ heat briquettes.

Made from coconut shells.

There may be some in the BBQ section, but I found a pallet load near the back of the store past the deli section of my local Woolies.

Stock up for Australia Day weekend, I presume this price will end on Wednesday evening.

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  • Everyone do themselves a favour and by Heatbeads brand instead. This stuff is garbage.

    • Can you elaborate? Was it flavour or burn time? I always use heat beads but curious.

      • These worked well for me, burned well and tasted great, I would use them again for this reason alone, but the big bonus is they are natural and not laced with poisoness chemicals.

      • Used the samba lump charcoal, small chunks - not large like heatbeads or firebrand, burnt quick and taste wasnt very clean. Also dont get me started on their "natural firelighters" - by far the worst I have ever used and I fire up the proQ most weekends. Maybe the briquettes here may burn longer but I have been burnt by samba products (figuratively) too many times to give them another chance.

        • So you've never tried this product but tell us it's garbage.

          • @OzBragain: I have tried enough of their products and heard enough about their products to stay clear away. Ask anyone on Australasian BBQ Alliance their thoughts. Just telling everyone to pay the extra few dollars and get a charcoal that is more consistent in quality based on my experiences.

  • Interesting one positive and one neg review on this so far… I'm curious to hear more on these…

  • https://www.aussiebbq.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=14753


    I haven't used these either, just used the Bic branded coconut shell charcoal and really liked how well they cooked and tasted.