Alternative to Bpay to Pay off Credit Card from Another Bank

I’ve maxed out my bankwest card booking overseas accommodation for an upcoming trip.

I have funds in another account to pay it off but the only way I know how to get funds from one to another is via bPay. Is there a faster way?

It’s not too bad during the week but on the weekend waiting until the following Tuesday is a big pain

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    With ANZ, you can deposit cash into an ATM and put it on you credit card. I'm not sure you can do it with Bankwest, but its worth a shot!


    Deposit cash at an ATM, it's not just for money launderers.

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    Open a free transaction account with bankwest. Transfer money instantly using payid to the transaction account and then transfer to credit card.


    Our bank has a standard account number for every credit card, you can see it in online banking.

    I wonder if there'd be something similar for BankWest? Once you've got the BSB and account then attempting a transfer would let you know if it's Osko compatible.

    Otherwise, ring BankWest directly and ask them, who should be able to tell you.